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    Bizarre HALLOWEEN III / Woody Allen connection

    Indeed, Margaux not Mariel. I know the difference but typed incorrectly. I blame their parents for giving their children similar names. My apologies . . . Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to curl into a ball and die.
  2. JChristopherArrison

    Bizarre HALLOWEEN III / Woody Allen connection

    The man was prolific.
  3. Thanks for dissecting one of my favorite movies. Not only have I read the movie novelization, I own HALLOWEEN III action figures. Literally. Anyway, I also posted the following on your Facebook page: In BROADWAY DANNY ROSE, Woody Allen walks past a marquee of HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. The sight couldn't look more out of place in a black-and-white Woody Allen film. Turns out, this scene was a sly hello to one of Woody's former flames: Stacey Nelkin (Ellie) from HALLOWEEN III. He dated Nelkin in the late seventies when she was in her late teens. Believe it or not, Stacey Nelkin was the inspiration for Margaux Hemingway's character in MANHATTAN, the one Woody regretfully breaks up with. I guess Ellie Grimbridge left a mark. I tried including a picture above (couldn't get it larger for some reason.) Just google HALLOWEEN III and BROADWAY DANNY ROSE for a better look. Keep up the great work. Next year get Paul Rudd on the show to explain how in HALLOWEEN 6 he manages to beat the living shit out of Michael Myers. No joke. J. Christopher Arrison P.S. Paul, I performed with you at Lance Bangs' "My Favorite Things" show in Portland a couple years back. My friend and I started the show with a long, disturbing prom story. Fun night.