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  1. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 455 - The Washington Monugents Reunite

    Jeez, the level of sarcasm you used to rebuff me originally made me think you actually had a better example. I guess you meant to say "wow your memory is fuckin AMAZING". Which means you heard it here first and second ladies and gents- this was in fact the best week of bang bang in months. Enjoy it folks.
  2. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 455 - The Washington Monugents Reunite

    It's not great, but if you can think of a better recent week of CBB episodes I'd love to hear it. I looked back and can't find a better pair of episodes that came out in the same week since before the summer. Unless there was some Mantzoukas/Kroll/Adomian back to back week that I missed, I can't think of who would even be able to compete with Jon Daly/Odenkirk and the B Boys right in a row. Halloween+Washington Monugents scratched my CBB itches in all the right places. Took me back to the good old Death Ray days. So maybe it's just me, but for ME, best 2 ep week in a while.
  3. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 455 - The Washington Monugents Reunite

    Best week of Bang Bang that I can remember!
  4. Oh yeah! You know where I wanna go baby!
  5. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 320 - Wiest Mode

    Crying laughing at the thought of what the tennis player might be texting his wife during the match.
  6. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    This was so good I could listen to it again! In fact, I think I will!
  7. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 439 - It's Great (An Improv Team)

    freak out engage
  8. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 1823 - Amber Rose

    Look at Jimmy's smug fucking face in that photo. I love it and I can't hide the jealousy.
  9. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 435 - Jim Gaffigan Says No

    Proud of Scott's parents for not voting this year. I can't believe they pimped Scott out at age 3 though...
  10. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 293 - Village Chief Pillow Fights

    Howard said to Gabrus "let's stick to audio" and then immediately began reacting to the Hebrew subtitles in the next music video.
  11. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 432 - Dana Carvey's Micro-Impressions

    It really is a mode of transportation.
  12. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 431 - Ghost Pets Are Liars

    "I love that singing is the new comedy" -- Brett Gelman, 2016
  13. myfeethavewheels

    Has WIP been B.A. Baracused?

    WIP= Womp In Progress
  14. myfeethavewheels

    Episode 420 - Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave

    This mansplaination gave me a real Hard Dongerman.