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    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    Looks like the bastard love child of Elton and Bono in my opinion
  2. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    Regarding Mariah Carey's claims about 9/11 ruining this movie. This film was released on September 21st, 2001. (week 38) Some data via boxofficemojo.com Sep. 28–Oct. 4 $94,625,569 +24.5% Sep. 21–27 $76,015,096 -9.1% Sep. 14–20 $83,634,364 -9.5% Sep. 7–13 $92,421,954 -31.4% So the actual week of September 11th there was a huge drop in receipts versus the week before (as you would expect). In the weeks following, revenue continued to decrease. I think this can likely be chalked up to the fact that there weren't any great movies released on these weekends (Hardball, The Glass House,Glitter,Megiddo: The Omega Code II). The next week brought some legitimate draws Don't Say a Word $22,167,881 Zoolander $18,820,552 Hearts in Atlantis $11,418,341 Not that anyone actually bought into the idea that the failure was 9/11 based, but he data debunks it
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    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    In fact, to suggest anything else would be preposterous.
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    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    Yeah, I had sort of forgot about that conversation (pretty sure it was on the actual episode), but the combination of those two things is probably what triggered my memory. Such a scumbag move.
  5. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    They made mention of Stallone writing all of his films, I am fairly certain there is a Paul Hogan type of situation happening there.
  6. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 92.5 — Minisode 92.5

    Ugh, I saw Snake Eyes in the theater when it was released, I vote for that too.
  7. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    I can't believe they didn't catch June's trillion/billion mistake during the show.
  8. SteveLeBlanc

    Guest Idea: Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast

    He had credibility before this?
  9. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    and don't forget pasta..
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    Stayin' Alive - Live...Head Trauma

    Maybe I am wrong, but I think it is considered bad form to discuss a live episode before it is released.
  12. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    Unfortunately, I was only at the NHB episode, sorry.
  13. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    Jason didn't interrupt an audience member during no holds barred, the audience member's question was why do the men always interrupted June. June was about to respond and Jason jokingly interrupted and said that he would respond. It was actually a funny moment, but I get why they edited out the whole exchange.
  14. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    The finding porn in the woods was the highlight of that episode, for me at least.
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    June said that she loved this movie in the Mr. Nanny episode.. With that in mind, I can't even fathom how great this episode could be.
  16. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 87.5 — Minisode 87.5

    I feel like he was just as bad.
  17. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 87.5 — Minisode 87.5

    I felt like Mr. Nanny was a Home Alone clone they but forgot that the antagonist is the one that is supposed to be sadistically tortured, not the protagonist.
  18. SteveLeBlanc

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    My wife and I had a couple over for a movie night and watched the village when it was still relatively current..All four of us were ANGRY at that movie.. what a piece of garbage..
  19. SteveLeBlanc

    Any HDTGM Movies that you consider good?

    Fast and the Furious movies are legitimately enjoyable. Some of the 80s movies they have done are ones that I view through nostalgic glasses, but beyond that it is mostly garbage. I will say that I wanted to hate the Green Lantern more than I actually did. It wasn't a good movie, but it was way more watchable than the preview led me to believe.
  20. SteveLeBlanc

    its a boy!!!

    Congratulations to them both.
  21. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 85.5 — Minisode 85.5

    That dude was bonkers. I have seen both cuts, they are both awful.
  22. SteveLeBlanc

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    Forgot about that... I literally laughed out loud during that scene
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    Color of Night