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  1. hey guys, sweden won eurovision haters come at me i think maybe only zsinjeh will care
  2. I'm in Falmouth, actually, so I have NOTHING to speak on. Well, actually it's right next door to us and has a great dog park that my pup is partial to...basically it's rich ppl in a rural-ish setting. Falmouth (foreside) is rich ppl in an ocean setting. Lots of skinny, blonde mommies who go running together in the middle of the day and then grab green juices b/c they don't have to work. I want to be them... #goals or w/e
  3. also i haven't posted in a while and it would seem that chanson has finally decided to be honest and change his profile location to vashon island, wa instead of his beloved seattle? good on you, chanson! i recently moved to a rich suburb (i'm still broke as shit, don't worry) an exit up from the cool ass city i was living in and it took me like 2-3 months to come to terms with updating my facebook profile to match it, so i get it chanson, i get it
  4. no you're not wrong... i LOVE LOVE LOVE ellie kemper but her ep is my least fav HH ep ever... she gave off the vibe of like "ummm okayyyy??" *rolls eyes who are these weirdos haha amirite*, wouldn't improv and wouldn't roll with anything S+H were saying. not to get worked up over this or w/e. love her, but i was surprised at how bad she was considering her groundlings background?? maybe she was on her period that day HAHAHAHAHA YESSS UP HIGH
  5. *removes earrings and rolls up sleeves*
  6. your reassurance is prob false b/c i'm gonna make a wicked educated guess and assume that these meat processing plants don't delicately go through each bull penis and tenderly remove the pee and semens before throwing them all into a grinder and then drying the mush out into formed sticks for idiot yuppies like me to hold and go "ewwwwieeee hAHA" and then hand to my teething puppy to gnaw on for dear life if my guess is WRONG then i feel really bad for whoever it is who has to extract all the male icky stuff from these penises but i guess if you're already working in one of these factories you've prob already had to lobotomize yourself to be able to get out of bed every morning and go to the horror show that is the meat factory i hope this discussion doesn't get me banned or w/e... i feel like it's kinda scientific? sry if it's too inappropriate, i'll stop now.
  7. they have dry roasted peanuts but lately they're really trying to push chestnuts on the masses. like, moist chestnuts in ziploc baggies? if earwolf would give us a puke emoticon it would go right here: ____ AND welcome, totesawesome! you seem fantastic, your cat is 100 percent what this forum needs rite now, and your avatar indicates you are very attractive so as sean and hayes intimated, you'll do just fine on the earwolf forums. what i need to know is if your cat's tongue is always out like that or did you catch the pic at juuust the right moment. rly hoping it's the former. thanks!
  8. OSJL IS AMAZING AND I TRULY LOVE IT AND SING ITS PRAISES TO EVERYONE I KNOW, DON'T GET IT TWISTED TIM but it's def a shithole, plz admit this. it's v unclean and i'm a nurse so i'm very uptight about hygiene (plz overlook my previous post where there was a pic of my bare hands enveloping sticks of bull penis-- i did sanitize my hands afterward). i also don't think you're allowed to work there if you have never been incarcerated, i dunno i get rly weird vibes whenever i'm in there but they sell a lot of puffins cereal and peanut butter there and that's like all i eat for the most part and it's wicked cheap there. i have entire FB albums of weird and amazing shit i've found in there. the pics have like at least 5-8 likes on them respectively so you know they're fun and ppl like them (not to bring up FB on here all the time lololol i need friends plz plz help and hodges boswell doesn't count SERIOUSLY HODGES WHO ARE YOU AM I RITE GUYS) anyway, when i die bury my heart at OSJL or cumby's
  9. everyone was so awesome on those phone calls; some of youse are even my FB friends so it was nice to hear the voices of my closest friends in the world gab away on the podcast, miss you guys let's do brunch sometime brgrho's enthusiasm on this ep and the last call-in ep is everything chanson i know what it's like to not wanna just do normal hugs with your d. FUCK NORMAL I LOVE MY D FOREVER AND EVER OH THAT'S RIGHT I NEVER POSTED PICS OF MY NEW D AND DIXON CALLED ME OUT ON IT AND THEN I GOT BUSY BUT HERE SHE IS: and then here's a bonus pic of me being all proud of myself for finding a good deal on "bully sticks" at Ocean State Job Lot (shithole of a bargain center in the new england area for all you flyover staters) and sending the pic to my redacted who has insisted that our d only have bully sticks to chew on b/c rawhide is bad or w/e. i take a closer look at the pic and notice the ingredients are simply "steer pizzles" and then because i'm a basic white girl i say out loud to my friend "pizzle fo rizzle hehe i wonder what that is" and she's like "oh it's a penis" and i'm like FUCK FUCK ABORT ABORT and dropped the ground up bull dicks on the floor b/c i'm like a lady and really sophisticated and anyways i still bought them b/c they're much cheaper at OSJL than anywhere else but maybe some of you d enthusiasts would like to know what bully sticks are really made of p.s. didn't notice my car keys touching the pizzles til just now, glad i was able to get those in the shot
  10. guys i'm adopting a d today you think you've seen enough d pics on here? think again i've always loved sean and dom together on i4h but hayes's absence is felt mostly cuz i'm a creepy hayes groupie i dunno
  11. feel like i've gotta get my foruming in early this week... last week's forum was too overwhelming and controversial and stuff and my constitution is p. weak really enjoyed this ep, esp. the FMK game which some of you may remember i tried to get ppl on the forum to do many months ago and no one would play along but it's fine i mean i'm not like upset about it or w/e just thought it could have been an amazing time with amazing ppl. maybe i should try to play it with my new friends on this bridal forum i've recently abandoned you all for where there's a bunch of batshit crazy women planning their weddings with $50,000 budgets i'm worried about steffi and sean you guys
  12. rly loving how grateful kittens is and rly respect the username given that this is more of a cat appreciation forum than anything else. i'm not even gonna address the 5 pages of dog pics i just had to sift through as i suffer through the agony of being a few days behind on the forum. welcome, kittens! i look forward to seeing more posts from you. i mostly just post about how i'm catching up on the forums. usually i'll say something like "sorry! ughhhhhh sooo behind you guys... i work too much lol something something sweden" and then be on my way. k, ttyl!
  13. ugh my whole team is pretty much wiped out nia is like the most beautiful woman i've ever seen i want sarah and jordan to win but i worry about sarah since she puked so much that one time
  14. i work with addicts every day. the pain and suffering they go through is just so immense and my heart hurts so much for harris and for all the people who knew and loved him. when i first heard his YMIW episode, i felt sick to my stomach. the way it ended without a resolution. this is just too much. what an absolute tragedy. http://www.samhsa.gov/find-help
  15. yea, me and my c are foruming hard in maine blizzard country this morning and just so pleased to see everyone is meeting up in california and getting free drinks from hayes. and no i don't wanna see pics of your d's foruming. c's forever. p.s. i'm getting a d in may. it's in utero rite now
  16. guys i'm wearing a hipster beanie in my swank ass days inn motel room rite now as i catch up on the daunting amt of posts this week. do people wear beanies when they're by themselves? i don't think i'm doing it right. anyways. dafuq did i miss this week on the forum?? lotsa new funny people, joe praising them, andrew being funny, everyone else being funny, ppl complaining about not enough likes. i'm intimidated so i'm gonna go head over to the MTV Challenge HH sub-forum where i feel safe and i can talk about jonna's apparent descent into a bad hair life (as opposed to bad hair day) which is shocking b/c she's stated that if she wins the challenge then she's gonna put all her money into building her hair extension empire (but it looks like shit so i hope she doesn't win?? i dunno) hope everyone's havin' a great week! this was my favorite ep in recent memory.
  17. BRR-- in my defense, i'm a marathon runner and when this pic was taken my achilles was blown out and so i had to wear sensible shoes for walking around gamla stan ("old town") with all its damn cobblestones. no excuse for the jorts, tho
  18. stockholmsresan var bor du?
  19. Betsy, what is your favorite Yankee Candle scent? And what does that say about you? Betsy, have you ever fainted in a Yankee Candle store? eta: i am v. excited for this ep b/c betsy is one of my all-time fave guests on i4h, if not my fave! (minus sean+dom)
  20. zach is such a dick UGH. remembering back to jonna's appearance on RSS-- she seemed like a nice enough girl and he just shits on her all the time and everyone laughs when he does it. i hate that. adam and brittany are ostensibly doing great in the eliminations but i still think they suck. last week's challenge was a friggin joke. eating brownies and delicious fried stuff? gimme a break. and anyone can beat the hot mess pair of the century, jemmye and knight. so basically it looks on paper like they're a great team but i think they suck. and if i didn't already know that i'm aging rapidly on this mortal coil, i sure knew it when i saw adam and brittany dancing in the last ep. jesus is that how young people dance nowadays? i'm 27 and read my kindle and turn off the lights at around 9 or 9:30 but i guess it's nice to see how the other half lives...? #old tied with joe for second. asteck is blowing us out of the water. i love this stupid show.
  21. Thank you for picking up my slack, Andrew. My work as the official RSS Ambassador is obvi not up to par lately. Neither is my forum posting. Y'all handbookers ready to have a rad ass weekend full of loffs and good times? I know I am! Working a gajillion shifts in a row so that I can have next Sunday off to watch my beloved deflate-riots win the Supah Bowl!! BOOM GLOAT GLOAT GLOAT BYEEEE
  22. I'm sorry you've been feeling sick, Jacob I hope you get better soon and that you kick Crohn's ass-- I know that disease is no joke and you must be so strong to be dealing with that shit right now. Ugh. The worst. I hope you are having a good birthday regardless and that you get to enjoy it. Maybe listen back to the RSS ep where Sean's high school friend details his illicit sexual exploits on a class trip. That one always makes me loff.
  23. omg i'm excited too! i shipped adam+bethany SO HARD last season. so hard. if i were super unhappy in my life i'd be like FUCK YOU GUYS STOP but things are pretty chill right now irl so i could handle their overwhelming love and respect for each other without getting pissed or bitter or eye-rolly. they constantly called each other "honeybun" in a sickly sweet upticky voice and i was like "YES PLEASE DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN SAY HUNAH BAHN AGAIN" every time i heard it, which was a lot. then on like the last ep adam's voiceover was all about how they did this whole challenge to glorify the lord jesus and how he was the reason they were doing the race and i almost had to quit loving them but i stuck it out and still check their instagram feeds p. frequently! <3 also haven't listened to this week's ep yet-- saving for my commute to work tonight! love it when they have female guests so i'm excited!