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  1. AndrewGould

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    Yes, I remember that.
  2. AndrewGould

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    It wasn't the fact that Rick was acting up that annoyed me - he was right in that it would have been boring just running down the road - it was that the acting up was so juvenile. Personally, I got over that kind of humour in 5th grade when I discovered that there were more interesting things in the world than my own penis. I didn't expect highbrow sophistication, but this was ridiculous.
  3. AndrewGould

    The Best Artisan Dice

    I confess to being extremely tempted by these. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/2063/
  4. AndrewGould

    Episode 113 — Biker Giants are Dicks

    Your hard work is appreciated! Seriously, eating munchies has always been part of the D&D experience. We're not here for slick production values, we're here to hear a bunch of funny guys play D&D.
  5. AndrewGould

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    I've been following Johnn's roleplayingtips newsletter for many years now. Well worth it.
  6. AndrewGould

    The Best Artisan Dice

    There are also people who collect dice the way some people collect stamps or coins. Check out http://www.reddit.com/r/DicePorn/. Like I said, if I had any disposable income to speak of, I would absolutely collect exotic dice.
  7. AndrewGould

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I've picked up Party Roll, chich has 6 episodes so far. They're running the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign - in fact, they started partway into it - so it's interesting to see how differently they do it from the way I ran it with my group. It's not bad. I'm also listening to the Adventure Zone, who started off playing LMoP, but went way off into their own story. They're pretty fantastic as well. I'd love to get into Critical Hit, but the back catalog is extremely daunting.
  8. AndrewGould

    The Best Artisan Dice

    Oh yeah, if only I was a cashed-up comedian or comic book writer or something, cause I'd hit that site so hard.
  9. AndrewGould

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Okay, I'm looking for some actual play podcasts that don't involve drinking. I'm a recovering alcoholic, so I really don't need to hear other people drinking, which rules out things like CritJuice (which was a shame because it was pretty good). Also, I don't want to have to go through a massive back catalog if I can help it, so new shows are better. I'm deep into planning for my own D&D podcast (sorry, but it'll be single-mike to start with because I have no money), and I really want to get a feel for what's out there. Any suggestions?
  10. AndrewGould

    Character Drawings

    I love how the musical notes gradually tail off.
  11. AndrewGould

    Episode 111 — Fudge Son

    Yup, me too.
  12. AndrewGould

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Yeah you are. It's okay - I do it too.
  13. AndrewGould

    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    There's been a couple of times when the players have tried to talk things out, and the giants just attacked. There was that first time with the red giant - they got quite a bit of information there. And then there was the latest time with the blue giants on the bikes. Look how far it got them that time. Far be it for me to tell Blaine how to run his game, but I think the players would be a much more engaged if they had a nemesis, and if they had some friendly NPCs to talk to.
  14. AndrewGould

    Nerdy Project I just completed

    Yeah, I get that.
  15. AndrewGould

    Nerdy Project I just completed

    I've always found them kind of unnecessary, since they don't achieve anything that an honest throw can't, but some people like using them.