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  1. Katapraktoi

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Thanks for the ride Sark, it's been a blast. A friend recommending the podcast to me last year and I wasn't expecting to be one of the highlights of my week. With that being said I can't wait to find out what kind of adventure will blaine cook for the gang. I was kinda hoping at the end that Amarth, Elle Ryan and Sir Richard would pop up in the background as blue ghosts a la Return of the jedi... at least in my head that's how it went down. Good luck Sark! And long live Nerd Poker!
  2. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

    It's been a while fellow Nerds! Study and work related shenanigans kept me from posting, altho I have been up to date. You guys have been killing it with the art while I was gone! Anyway, another fanart, this time of Bartho Shett. Originally I was gonna do the scene were he breaks Sparklett free, but it didn't work out well so I scrapped it. This one is from some episodes ago, when they were figthing the Wererats in the tunnels and Bart finished them off. Again the thumbs up tickled me. I live for this silly moments!
  3. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

    AMAZING! Love the design on the shield of bahamut and as mus turd and gustaf said, the frozen crown was a really cool detail!
  4. Katapraktoi

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    "BEHOLD!" Holy shit what an episode, that went to a darker path than expected but I love how Sark is making the Necromancer such a hateable villain. Also I don't know if anyone mentioned it but brians roleplaying was top notch this episode, the whole "I am impressed" while everyone was outraged was a nice touch.
  5. Katapraktoi

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    That sequence with the children was so creepy, props to Sark for some really good storytelling.
  6. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

    thanks man =) definitely what I was going for!
  7. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

    Hello fellow nerds, another fanart here, this time of Mildred Maxton. She is prone to give thumbs up, but there is this moment in episode 13 wich is burned in my memory. When they were on the whole lift adventure the group had two prisoners. As the lift came to a stop on a floor with three enemies Bartho and Blackie incinerated them scaring the prisoners to death, intensified by an intimidation roll by Mildred to get them to move the elevator up. As they reached their destination Mildred tried to calm them giving them a stern thumbs up. The situation was so absurd and awkward that although not one of the most memorable it made me crack up at the moment. So here it is, Mildred and her wacky thumbs up.
  8. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

    Aaaaw shit! Awesome work man!
  9. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

  10. Katapraktoi

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    Great episode! I was so worried during the landing sequence considering Sark has stated on numerous times how he can go full George RR Martin at any given time. Also, the paladin bitch slap is my new favorite thing.
  11. Katapraktoi

    Character Drawings

    Sup guys, first time posting on the forums. Love the podcast. Anyway, here is my homage to Amarth Amon, doing his thing.