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  1. ChrisEllis

    Episode 501 - Manchester Orchestra's Kith and Kin

    Wow, if Jess McKenna made an entire album of that stuff I would listen to the shit out of it. Really liked the melodies and her voice is fantastic. It was also funny. Great stuff.
  2. ChrisEllis

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    I think he understands that people play characters on the show. Clearly. But I don't think he understood many of Scott's gags. Or he did and is just bad at playing along, as someone else said.
  3. ChrisEllis

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    As many have said, it was tough to discern if Kyle was in on the joke. I'm pretty familiar with his comedy so it was hard for me to believe he wasn't. I suppose though, he could still be playing along but also still be perplexed by things like questions about the call sheet, being above the title, and Scott's other trademark "insider" talk. Paul Rust's giggling seemed to acknowledge Kyle's bewilderment.
  4. ChrisEllis

    Episode 486 - Schwimm On In

    "And I'm not talking about lyrics either, I fuck those off too." God I love Jon Daly. And I think Father John Misty is a complete turd (sorry) so I found this character delightful.
  5. ChrisEllis

    Episode 468 - The Dream Method

    Tony A, that is. Tony T??
  6. ChrisEllis

    Episode 468 - The Dream Method

    Enjoyed Ming as co-host and laughed out loud many times to Tony T. I can see even more why he and Adomian are a force together when he does other characters. I went back and listened to the Woody Allen episode from last summer. I wish he'd come on more. I don't know if semi-regular Trump visits would be welcomed or grating at this point. Is he doing anything with the character lately? I came across some new 'tent, a second clip of Trump on Oh, Hello Broadway back before the election. I'd kill to see this entire segment.
  7. ChrisEllis

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    ha, maybe? i mean, he talked about being cooked alive, sleeping in a veal pen, being hunted by predator drones, etc. not sure if that counts as subtle. i busted out laughing at the dom deluise and "under the radar" bits. absolutely amazing. this was a real treat as i've sorely missed adomian's appearances, and giamatti (from the nick offerman episode way back) was one of my first introductions to his amazing improv and character work.
  8. ChrisEllis

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    This is definitely the second, if not perhaps the third time that John Lennon's killer has been confused with the guy that shot Ronald Reagan. George and Gil definitely called him Hinckley. They dared him to shoot Lennon. Just like they told the Son of Sam to do whatever he wanted.
  9. ChrisEllis

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    maybe to sell some movies! http://variety.com/2016/film/festivals/sxsw-my-blind-brother-starring-adam-scott-sells-to-starz-exclusive-1201730426/
  10. ChrisEllis

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    he doesn't get enough exposure through his appearances? i'm confused. obviously i've noticed a drop in his appearances but i assumed he was just busy with other stuff or feeling burnt out on it. when has being too exposed or not exposed enough stopped anyone from coming on?
  11. ChrisEllis

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    Can anyone expand on the "James won't be back for a while" and his "issues" with podcasts stuff?
  12. ChrisEllis

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    His ex-girlfriend who he married? Kulap?
  13. ChrisEllis

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    Dude are you a Disco Biscuits fan? Because they are the absolute worst, and it's laughable that they even exist in 2015. If inverted robots is not a Disco Biscuits reference, I profusely apologize but still respectfully disagree with your statements regarding Claudia.
  14. ChrisEllis

    EPISODE 352 — Scrunchy Face

    "Anyone who wakes up in the morning with a burning desire to be the president of the United States is a little bit crazy." -Bernie Sanders I believe it's statements like this that separate him from the rest of the political pack. And I do believe James's portrayal is a loving one, not a takedown of his views or ideals. As someone already said, no politician, especially one running for president, should be absolved from satire or impressions. Bernie's accent, his somewhat disheveled appearance...these are ripe for comic mining. If people pay more attention to those things on a podcast than they do to the actual issues or his platform, well...we can blame James when this country goes further down the shitter.
  15. ChrisEllis

    EPISODE 352 — Scrunchy Face

    i honestly don't think adomian was making fun of bernie's real positions on anything. i like to think of it as the literal interpretation of my avatar, which i guess would be a faux-lobster meat food substance, similar to something you'd get in a vegan restaurant. but the idea of a lobster that doesn't eat any animal products is also kind of amusing.