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  1. Gustaf

    Nerd Poker Is Ending :(

    Punch to the gut; this blows big time. So this will definitely create a void right? DnD podcast by pro comedians doing dope shit? Thanks for the run guys - sad to see the show go.
  2. Gustaf

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    Such a good campaign. Great characters and world building.
  3. Gustaf

    Character Drawings

    Ended up looking like a rancor gollum, but whatever.
  4. Gustaf

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    Sorry to hear that, Steve. Glad to have you back and take care of yourself.
  5. I wanna add a shoutout for the recovery of Blain's kid.
  6. Gustaf

    Character Drawings

    Damn Juggalos.
  7. Gustaf

    Character Drawings

    Hey Betty; for real though - that is by far the best use I've seen of the photoshop grass brush.
  8. If this means he's not above this kinda thing then everybody wins imo. He seems really cool and way nerdier than I thought. Also really fucking tall?
  9. I'm also liking the new vibe on the forum.
  10. Gustaf

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    This adventure was 10/10 righteous dope. A high charisma flying dude wouldn't have hurt though...
  11. Gustaf

    Character Drawings

    Just trekkin with ma boy Ding Ding.
  12. Gustaf

    EPISODE 130 — Rubbing Plants On Ourselves

    Oh man if my Borderlands 2 copy wasn't on PC I'd love to skullfuck some goliaths with you, Dan. I miss that game. Especially since they have recently tripled the spawn rate of legendary drops.
  13. Gustaf

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Get some air, guys.
  14. Gustaf

    EPISODE 121 — Do It As A Tusken Raider

    Aww yeah I like the sound of that. I'm a mollusk.
  15. Gustaf

    Character Drawings

    Thanks Dan! I wanna do some stuff for the new campaign. I just... haven't.