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    Los Angeles show tickets available

    Wondering if anyone was looking for (2) tickets to the LA show this Saturday 4/30. Huge fan but i can't get out of work so i'm just trying to sell them for what i paid.
  2. MatéoPerez

    Episode 261 — Nubile Agape

    The chemistry between a somewhat naive Fero and Saucerman is great. "When you're writing your screenplays, are you writing every take that the actors do?"
  3. MatéoPerez

    Richard Harrow's first appearance

    Doesn't Scott mention in this episode of another time he had Richard Harrow on? Something about poops being ghost burgers...?
  4. MatéoPerez

    Richard Harrow's first appearance

    Hi everybody, new to the forum! I'm trying to find out the episode where PFT debuted his take on Harrow, anyone know?