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    What is the greatest episode of Nerd Poker?

    They mentioned an idea once. I think, about guests coming in and playing an otherwise NPC that's just always a member of the group. No guest available? Sark plays him/her that session. That way, their comedy friends can come in and just go crazy with a character that isn't going to impact the group much regardless.
  2. SamGibson

    What is the greatest episode of Nerd Poker?

    Ep 32 @ 38:00 - "Does this look infected?" Those four words alone make the episode a contender for the top slot.
  3. SamGibson

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I haven't seen a good answer to this question yet. It seems there are other RPG related podcasts, but none of them are in this format. Even more so, none of them have this collection of comedians, comedy writers, and comic book writers.
  4. SamGibson

    Forgotten or retcon'd equipment wrap-up

    Yub-Nub, Nien-Nunb, Vagina Face... Whatever you choose to call him, yes, that guy's language.
  5. SamGibson

    Episode 57 — Saving Trondoor

    I think they've leveled up off the air. Blackie is level 6 now, and the last increase on the air was either waaaaay back or the 4e-2e transition. Before they mentioned blackie is 6, I was tracking him as level 4. They've also said that Damien is level 4.
  6. I could really go for some vitamin fudge right about now. Mmmmm...
  7. SamGibson

    What is the greatest episode of Nerd Poker?

    The one where Dave Andreson filled in for Ken as Barth was great.
  8. SamGibson

    Forgotten or retcon'd equipment wrap-up

    You're right on the knife, but I chalked that up to the forgotten/retcon'd also. The half cape/robe was discussed in the episode, and it's a +1 Charisma robe. It also makes the wearer want to fly frisbee shaped smuggler ships and grants the ability to speak Yub-Nub.
  9. I recently relistened to the entire series, and when Blaine did one of his "brought to you by" lines, I noted the approximate time stamp and subject. I didn't see these collected or noted anywhere, so figured I'd share with the rest of the fans. 1 7:26 Ikea, Swiffer 48:55 Toms of Maine, Necco wafers, Armed response, Spencer's gifts, Orange Julius, Roommates shampoo, Roommates breakfast cereal 2 39:30 Coconut m&ms, Velvet, Pier 1 4 30:25 Easy on, Hottie ice, 7 19:30 Necco wafers, H&M 29:00 Store brand dishwasher liquid 39:45 Nicks check cashing 9 28:10 Sketchers, Albertsons 10 32:10 Prep h strips 11 15:50 Burger King, Applebee's 52:10 Baskin robbins 12 32:15 Gap kids, Green blads 1:10:30 Daewoo, Sketchers 13 15:30 Ed hardy shoes 16:05 Listerine eye drops 53:15 You're fired Ben folds four 14 33:30 Prep h strips 34:00 Cake chips 38:14 Axe body spray 53:00 Marijuana 15 36:53 Kia 47:42 Cracker Barrel 50:12 Cheetos 1:06:55 Calamarios 16 48:40 Hip replacement crafters 1:00:08 Nestle slow 1:01:58 Dog shit 1:08:20 Holiday inn express express 17 13:40 Pinesoltoides 18 8:30 Whylax 33:55 Nestle wasabi quick 19 36:45 Out n in burger cheese 37:24 Calamarios 20 12:10 Free range Clorox, Hey-Ohs 21 1:06:40 Teeth 1:12:00 H&R blech 1:20:25 Spencer's gaffs 22 22:45 Brown julius 23 8:20 Spiders 32:20 Stuffed crest 26 1:13:15 Glass 1:15:20 Benedryl 27 1:08:50 Rock Paper Scissors 1:09:25 Nestle slow 28 7:05 Legs 29 52:20 Pesto certs 30 42:00 Chowderade 1:13:00 Kellogg pooptarts 31 6:50 Dr Bronners pichule chunk ice cream 6:55 Children's chewable ru486 49:00 Shoes 32 3:50 Children's chocolate 44:10 Vitamin fudge 55:00 French toasterie 59:22 Legs, makers of arms 33 27:05 Fonz 56:15 Old guy at Starbucks 1:00:10 Fonz 34 31:30 Fonz 35 21:30 almond joy and mounds 38 34:25 Moths 40 13:35 Triple stuff Oreos 14:40 Brody Stevens 15:23 Paul giamati 15:30 Andy kindler 20:30 Clamato 22:55 Gary busey contained 24:20 Todd Glass, by Vicodin 41 22:15 Pringles 1:18:40 Microsoft 42 44:30 Carls Sr. 52 28:10 Chili's 2 54 48:35 Corral's Joniar 55 12:18 Quiznos 48:30 uncle Annie's pretzels ?? Milky Way caramel 56 30:05 PF changs
  10. SamGibson

    Forgotten or retcon'd equipment wrap-up

    One more thing - Bart had the collector compass that detected Mildred. Was that only "tuned" for her soul, or could be used to see if anyone was a clone or an affected soul?
  11. One thing I liked most about this last episode, #57, was the equipment identification. It's been bugging me how much stuff has been forgotten or retcon'd. I completely understand, although, that this is a 2+ year campaign, and things get lost in the process. Here are some of the things I was tracking that didn't get mentioned in the wrap-up. Bart - film thin skin as gift from Bahamut, scale armor from collector water world armory Amarth - collapsable colossus armor as gift from Bahamut, hide armor from water world armory, magic necklace as bracelet from old man trophy room, Blackie - two magic rings old man trophy room, magic dagger and hide armor from collector water world armory Mildred - details on silver necklace that helps defense from collector water world armory, Sir Richard - shiny mirror polished and engraved chain as gift from Bahamut. What else does the water crown do? It was the key to closing the rift between universes, belonged to a king of the water plain, and now it shoots pointy Popsicles occasionally? Keep up the great game play and entertainment! I look forward to Wednesday mornings for the new shows.
  12. SamGibson

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    Gustaf, if you keep this up, you're going to end up with a weekly paid gig to create scenario artwork and environmentals for the show. Really great work and style.