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  1. grossoggo

    Episode 99 — Dead Red

    Normally there is a ton of banter. Often, they record two episodes at one time. This episode is the 2nd of a 2 episode set. Listen to episode 98 for a ton of banter. Start at the beginning and listen to all of them for some awesome banter.
  2. grossoggo

    Episode 96 — Sweet Potatoes

    Really loving all of the guests on the show lately. Steve, Dan, and Rick are adding a lot of extra juice to an already juicy ensemble of stars!
  3. grossoggo

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    Sarah had the best joke: "Do you have 12 derks?" Hahaha. Awesome show guys, you are all very funny people. I'm glad you are continuing the show as opposed to letting that giant baby win!
  4. grossoggo

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Decent episode, lots of amazing action. Please don't jump the shark! I like this podcast! Keep the story compelling, interesting, and flavorful.
  5. grossoggo

    Episode 63 — No Man Rat Left Behind

    I always imagined Blackee as being completely hairless and not needing to wax his taint.
  6. grossoggo

    Episode 56 — After Party Brawl

    Someone needs to go to a D12 step program - best joke of the episode!
  7. grossoggo

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    Awesome show. I listened to it while working and found myself snapping back to reality multiple times, after visualizing the gruesome scenes described so eloquently by Sark. Really toying with everyone's emotions with this one.