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  1. The Road to Wellville top 5 billed? Anthony Hopkins Bridget Fonda Matthew Broderick John Cusack Dana Carvey calamity in movie form.
  2. rivetheart

    Episode 84 β€” Chevy Chase’s Land Shark

    Brian! Holy hell enjoy WWZ on audio book! its almost like listening to a stage play! every voice is wonderful in it! it is one of my all time favorite audio books. ever. and as an office worker who gets to listen to whatever i want, ive listened to a shit ton of them...cheers!!
  3. rivetheart

    Character Drawings

    i would absolutely buy this deck. it looks GREAT!!!
  4. rivetheart

    Episode 57 β€” Saving Trondoor

    is there no new episode this week?
  5. rivetheart

    Episode 77 β€” Hudson Hawk

    hahahaha thanks! the jerking factor is something i should have considered but really, who could blame him?
  6. rivetheart

    Episode 77 β€” Hudson Hawk

    im pretty late to the party but thought, why the hell not?