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  1. NerdPoka

    Character Drawings

    Are you and Lukas wizards? How do you guys keep taking images out of my head and drawing them?
  2. NerdPoka

    What is the greatest episode of Nerd Poker?

    Yeah, I like to think the Nerd Poker story is split into two parts right now. Killing the water king was the climax of the 1st part of the story. Shet changed for the show. Sir Richard got his arm, Bahamut was introduced into the story, the group got their weapons back, they got a ship, stargoyle, and then they took off into space to finish the real part of the story: the collectors. So, now we're in the 2nd part of the story. I think it has improved greatly. I'm really curious to find out what would have happen if they decided not to help Sparklett? Because Sparklett gave them that ship. How would they fly around to the Old Man's tower, the other planets, ect?
  3. So many good ones. But which is the best? "Let’s Get Ready To Rumble" A great one. The characters really began to flourish. El Ryan's legendary Spirit Bear attack and much much more, made this a great episode. "The Control Room" Might be my favorite one. It had the first big battle with the collectors. Karn jumped out a window. And they cleared the entire tower. There was so many good jokes in this episode, Blaine was killing it the entire time. Blaine had some of his best jokes in this one. The other nominations would be two recent episodes. "Through the Airlock" was amazing. Also, the episode where they busted a hole in the tower, blew up the crystal ball, all while the Old Man begged them to stop. This is a really important episode. The group likely caused the entire destruction of their home planets, but also gave the biggest "fuck you" to the Old Man. What is your nomination?
  4. NerdPoka

    Episode 56 β€” After Party Brawl

    Great episode.
  5. NerdPoka

    Episode 55 β€” 7 Course Dwarf Feast

    Lol, why was the group such assholes to Sark this episode? They talked over him like 20 times when he was trying to tell the story. Then calling him a shitty DM? I know they were joking, but they came off as assholes this episode..
  6. NerdPoka

    Character Drawings

    Why are the Swedes the greatest people on earth? Holy shit this is amazing. I feel like we need to pay you for your service of drawing these incredible pictures each week... You're probably the best artist I've ever witnessed.
  7. NerdPoka

    Episode 54 β€” Wolf Whisper

    I was thinking the same thing.
  8. NerdPoka

    Episode 54 β€” Wolf Whisper

    When Blaine said "I'll light it up"...I thought this was going to turn out as one of the funniest moments on the show - but the dwarf didn't even care. I think Sark had no idea Blaine was going to do that... and realistically I bet it would have ended with the group getting exiled for Blackie's actions. But Sark probably spent a lot of time writing the plot for this particular storyline so that's why that dwarf didn't care. Perhaps the "beaver dam" place that Blackie destroyed was actually really important but Sark switched it's significance at the last second, so that the group could continue on this storyline.
  9. NerdPoka

    Fan Videos

    Yes yes yes! Do more! I've seen that Spirit Bear clip like 10 times now. Something about seeing the podcast animated is just as refreshing as the first time I saw the fan art...
  10. We might make it into a podcast. So if you're bored at work and have no new nerd poker episodes to listen to...you can always give us a listen! (Probably won't be nearly as funny, tho )
  11. NerdPoka

    Fan Videos

    This is next level shit. You could really make this into an animated TV show - I'd love to see the entire adventure animated. Nice editing on cutting out the parts where they actually roleplay, it sounds really good.
  12. NerdPoka

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    That's a toughy... El Ryan was insane and had his glorious spirit bear with him which made him such a fun character...but I feel that Sir Richard is the overall better character - he is more dimensional. I love that Sir Richard is virtually the opposite of El Ryan yet somehow still has the same charasitics that we all love. One of the best moments of the show is on Sir Richard's second episode, when he blocks Amarth from killing that guy (even though Amarth shoves him aside, anyways) - it's like Brian and Gerry couldn't resist having argumentative DnD characters - like nature forces them to have conflict.
  13. NerdPoka

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    Yeah, El Ryan died at the highest peak of awesome. We would have all loved to see him alive, but what makes him so memorable is that he died in his prime.
  14. Should have explained this better. There are definitely rules; and it follows some DnD rules - but at the beginning of the campaign it will be incredibly simple so that new players can jump aboard.
  15. Edit: thanks everyone. Found enough players. The admins can delete this.