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    EPISODE 363 — Wet Hot Crew

    C+ show. I've had such a crush on Marguerite Moreau for a very long time because Mighty Ducks.
  2. TylerStrable

    What guest do you want to see?

    Ryan Reynolds, then he plays Deadpool (to promote the comic and the movie)
  3. TylerStrable


    I got one yesterday. It's the one I ordered second so that's weird.
  4. TylerStrable

    EPISODE 342 — A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    Absolutely hilarious. Middleditch should come back soon! So god damn funny. YOU TALKING TURTLE!!!?!?
  5. TylerStrable

    What's your All-star CBB guest line up look like, bro?

    This Question is almost impossible. But here I go: Jason Mantzoukas PFT as Cake Boss or JW Stillwater Jenny Slate Andy Daly as anyone
  6. TylerStrable

    EPISODE 337 — The Ying and the Yankovic

    The banter between Scott and Paul is the best in the biz. It's been a while!
  7. TylerStrable


    Gonna get this one too.
  8. TylerStrable

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I loved you Harris. God damn you were great. Thank you to the bros at Earwolf and Scott and Scott and Chelsea. Creek. Slam. Sit. I read the ads.
  9. TylerStrable

    Episode 83.5 — Minisode 83.5

    Tempted to legally add an extra b to my last name to justify the mispronouncing of it. In all fairness, I've lived through that my whole life.
  10. TylerStrable

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    I know the reason Goro's finishing move on Art was so lame. He just mashed the buttons to try to get his special but failed like most of us have in the past.
  11. TylerStrable

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    Where is the character that just does "upper cut, upper cut, upper cut, upper cut, upper cut, upper cut, finish him, flawless victory"? My childhood
  12. TylerStrable

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    Also has the best final scene of any movie ever. and by best I mean worst. and by worst I mean most ridiculous.
  13. TylerStrable

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    YES! Bridgette Wilson as Sonya in this movie was one of my first crushes as a kid. I was obsessed with her boooobs.
  14. TylerStrable

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    I'm literally going to die while watching this.