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  1. rashid

    The Best of Nerd Poker

    Too many favorite moments have slipped from memory, but here are a few that come to mind: a) Sark's shitty superb DM'ing. He puts in creativity, engaging ideas, and friendly delivery. An example which comes to mind is when Sir Richard died (both times.) Character death is always difficult, but Sark coated that pill with such an impressive dose of sugar. Another example which I've borrowed into my own sessions is from episode 1: after setting the scene, he asked each player to embellish the story by explaining why their character would be there. Excellent move. b ) Blaine's advertisements. ....Blaine's humor in general. c) Sarah's player wisdom (despite Mildred's supposed lack of it.) Also Mildred's reaction to the skull soul-stealer thing on the gas planet. d) The whole group's banter.
  2. rashid

    Character Drawings

    In commemoration of the recently ended series, I feel it makes sense to post some old sketches, even though they are incomplete. These were made back in 2013 when I was considering a project of writing & drawing a silly comic each week to go along with the episodes, using the events of that episode and adding another punchline to them. Other projects took over though. But anyway, head-shots were doodled:
  3. rashid

    Questions for Blaine

    Hey Blaine. Who is taking the photos of the game, and where did she/he get the self-control to not be laughing in the background?
  4. rashid

    Other RPG's

    I've been trying to get my more theatrical friends to partake in a game of Fiasco, but so far no takers. For the past while I've been researching and preparing a Call of Cthulhu adventure, which I haven't tried before. If aiming for historical accuracy (by no means a requirement) it takes a lot of prep time to write, but it's also kinda fun to read up on local history.
  5. rashid

    The Reincarnation of Gerry

    He could be a lone survivor found amongst the burning ruins of Glenishmoor. Although, he would first need to convince the party that he "Didn't Start the Fire".
  6. rashid

    The Reincarnation of Gerry

    A bard named Bill E. Joel
  7. rashid


    If we're going Lovecraftian, then he'd simply be referred to as "indescribable". =D Sark also has referred to SG as a "singularity", a word which I'm noticing comes up in every other paragraph in Lovecraft's tales. (I'm currently reading his works, obviously.) But, y'know, "The Indescribable Singularity which Meeps Hungrily at the Edge of the Universe" is a mouthful to have to say whenever Blackie needs to call Stargoyle back inside for supper time.
  8. rashid

    Character Drawings

    Yup. I just didn't want to impose, and I figured more description would be available from the audio. No harm in asking, though. You're idea of taking pictures is a good one, I had imagined taking scans but since they often have a camera in the studio anyway that would be much easier.
  9. rashid

    Character Drawings

    Ah. Thanks for the lead, Leondarkfire. A quick scan during breakfast today found that scene in the following installment, "Double Time" around 53:00. Mildred: A floppy, fancy, velveteen, nobleman's hat of detect-lie. It looks like a posh baker's hat. "It looks ridiculous." Flops to the side. Sir Richard: A magic ring on his non-gauntlet hand, unknown enchantment. It belonged to a fallen ruler of a land neighboring Glenishmoor. Plus a non-magic robe from the same ruler. Blackee Green: Two magic rings. Bart: a magic, gaudy, bejeweled necklace. A non-magic cape with an 18 inch scoop collar, frilled with tassels. Amarth: A magic, gaudy, bejeweled necklace (worn as a bracelet because he's huge.) All of the items except for the hat are very tasteful & classy. (That later description overwrites the earlier description of the necklaces being "gaudy", probably.)
  10. rashid

    Character Drawings

    Here's what I can do: If anyone is willing to start and maintain a thread of community contributions about the characters, then I'll go ahead and agree to gather up references for every piece of information which I've contributed. These references would consist of episode numbers and time stamps. Having that kind of evidence to back the contributions would strengthen the data and possibly allow for conflicting contributions to co-exist without too much debate (as there probably will be inconsistencies in the actual game.) And folks can then look it up quite easily and suggest corrections to any possible misinterpretations by the contributor (me, in this case.) This would also allow the maintainer of the thread to quickly verify contributions before adding them to the original post. Y'know, if that kind of thing would be helpful. Maybe it's too much detail, to be spoken in the nerdy voice the team sometimes uses, of course.
  11. rashid

    Character Drawings

    Thanks AF. In other forums I've seen where there's a "collected information" thread, the original poster edits the original post to reflect the community's contributions. Maybe I should have thought this through before posting all that up, but I'm realizing that I'd rather not have that responsibility. HOWEVER, if any brave hero out there in Earwolf-land would like to take on such a valiant quest, such a person would certainly have my blessing to copy-paste-edit-maul anything in my post into a new thread of their own. I suppose it would also be ideal to list references for each bit of information, but unfortunately what I have written in my notebook doesn't provide that. Except for some of the characters' ability scores. Re-listening to (or rather "scanning through") the 7 or so episodes was indeed awesome, but also created a bit of burn-out on the subject matter. I may need to wait a while before deciding whether or not to start any sketch work. Sark & Co are prolific!
  12. rashid

    Character Drawings

    Thank you, you astoundingly skilled s.o.b.!
  13. rashid

    Character Drawings

    So I've been entertaining the thought of doing some character illustrations. To this end, yesterday I spent too much time on “research” to find out what gear the characters have. To save anyone else the trouble of having to figure this out, I thought it would be a helpful gesture to post my findings here. Please add and correct this list with your own knowledge, it'll help us all. The episodes I looked into were the ones which memory served as being episodes which involved the characters finding (current) gear, or which had a character being introduced for the first time. These were episodes 1, 16, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 48 and 53. ALL CHARACTERS: --------------------------- [] “Sparklet” water-breathing necklaces. These are fine necklaces with a bead of water which slides along the length of the necklace with gravity, as a droplet would. This item is mentally triggered to have the droplet expand into a “water bag” around the character's head. [] Winter clothing, looted from a village in a snow environment. MILDRED MAXTON ---------------------------- Physical traits: Dwarf. She has some muscle (strength of 14 (2nd edition)). Her charisma is slightly above average at 13 (4th edition.. so I would venture to guess that the 2nd ed value is 12 or 13.) Don't be fooled by episode 1's suggestion that her CHA is 6, that's actually her wisdom. When they were looting the water world structure, Sarah clarified that Mildred's CHA is 13. [] War hammer gifted by Bahamut. This looks similar to her old war hammer, with familiar nicks etc, but refurbished. It has a new head. [] Plate mail gifted by Bahamut. This is a series of plates which cover only one arm, inclusive of her shoulder. It has a rail along the outside of her forearm, from elbow to wrist. A little disk is on the rail. If the disk is slid down and snapped in place on the outside of her wrist, a 4 inch, mirror-like disk appears. It has has an oil-spill, rainbow tint to it. This shield can be slid around onto her back or onto her wrist. There's some ambiguous description on the size of this shield... it's initially described as being 4 inches, and a few sentences later it is compared to a riot shield. I'm guessing that the “4 inches” is an initial projection, perhaps matching the size of the metal disk mechanism along the rails, and then it expands. But this is conjecture. [] Chain mail looted from a water-world structure. It is “brighter than it should be.” [] A fancy hat of detect lie. She hasn't normally been wearing this. I didn't find the episode where she acquired this (it was in the tower-planet I think), but I remember it as being very gaudy. [] A featureless, silver ring looted from the water-world structure. It is enchanted to help ranged attacks. [] A silver choker or necklace looted from the water-world structure. It is enchanted to help AC. DAMIEN WORMWOOD DARKOMEN --------------------------------------------------- Physical traits: Human. Black hair. Pale skin. [] His winter gear has dark tones, but not black. “Real dark brown.” [] A plain, 6 foot quarterstaff. BLACKEE GREEN ------------------------ Physical traits: Half-elf. I don't know if you've heard, but he has a charisma of, uh, let me look this up here.. oh yeah, 19 (4th edition). Strength of 12 (4th edition.) [] A “pet” known as Stargoyle, gifted by Bahamut. It isn't clear yet if Stargoyle is Blackee's familiar, but the two are quite close. Stargoyle has the shape of a 1 foot tall gargoyle, but is featureless. It appears as a silhouette, filled with black space dotted by stars. It can hiss, chirp and meep; and is sometimes found perched on Blackee's shoulder. [] A rod of lightning. I didn't come across the description of this one. [] A “tuning fork”-like device, gifted by Bahamut. This has been attached to the end of Blackee's lightning rod. When the rod is activated, two lightning strikes are produced, one from each prong of the tuning-fork. [] A normal, low-quality dagger looted from the water-world structure. [] Supple, leather boots looted from the water-world structure. [] Runed, leather armor looted from the water-world structure. He has his normal clothing underneath. [] A normal, broad sword. BARTHACHET BURAL ------------------------------- Physical traits: Dragonborn. Strength is “high”. Charisma is “low”. His manifest trait is breath-weapon rather than glide/flight, therefore he does not have any wings. Not any functional wings, anyway. Almost all dragonborn appear noble, as they are servants of the dragon god, Bahamut (one wonders why he and Sir Richard haven't talked about this.) [] A half helmet, gifted from Bahamut. This is a plate “jaw”, which clamps around the neck, and is of the same style as Mildred's and Richard's armor gifts. It has stylized teeth. There are two holes on either side of the jaw, which jet out some substance in front of Bart's mouth when he breathes, enhancing his breath weapon to be white hot, increasing damage and range. [] Skin armor, gifted from Bahamut. It looks like shed skin from a dragonborn. It appears thin and flimsy, but Bart can not rip it even with his strength. [] A short, purple robe which goes down to the butt, looted from the necromancer's treasure chest. Described as being similar to Lando's robe but with shoulders and a hood. [] A sword. Like other players, it's probably a broadsword, looted from various collector guards. I haven't confirmed this. SIR RICHARD ------------------- Physical traits: Human. VERY muscular, at a strength of 20 (4th edition.) His left hand and left leg are made of light, “You can only see the outline, there's no, like, shape to them. It just seems like they are made of light.” [] A single gauntlet which fits over his hand of light, gifted by Bahamut. The palm has a glass disk, which can focus the light from his hand into a 3 inch beam. The gauntlet has the same style as Mildred's and Bart's Bahamut armor. [] Chain mail looted from a structure in the water-world. It is polished to a mirror. [] Water elemental lord's crown. It is shimmering and spired. [] One of two, matching knives looted from the necromancer's treasure chest. The second knife was left on the party's crashed ship. [] A normal broadsword. The party also took Amarthamon's special gear, in case a future party member ever needs it. His gifts from Bahamut were: [] A He-Man style harness, with a disk of metal over the chest. When thought-activated, micro-thin sheets of metal unwrap to cover his whole body. [] A great axe. It looks special.