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  1. LostCauze

    I need to download episode 100

    So did Kid Rock's record label step in or did Earwolf pull it just in case? Anyway, funny new intro.
  2. LostCauze

    Character Drawings

    Yeah, that one's the shit.
  3. LostCauze

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I've got that odd knot in my stomach all day. It's weird how someone you don't really know's death can do that to you. I guess Harris Wittles made more of an impact on me than i knew. I've not felt this way about a celebrity's passing since Freddy Mercury. Much respect to Scott for releasing this, i hope that all these posts make you feel you did the right thing. I feel it was a very worthy way to salute a great comedian. Strength to you and anyone else who knew him.
  4. LostCauze

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I'm starting with Adventure Zone, thanks for the heads up everyone.
  5. LostCauze

    Episode 112 β€” Red Afro

    I hope we bump into a worthy antagonist soon, or find something of a satisfying goal. I still love this show hard, but i wanna feel invested like i was when we were dealing with that soulsnatching pyromancer. That was fun Γ‘nd badass, now it's just fun.
  6. LostCauze

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

    As understandible as it is, i can't help but to feel a little dissapointed at how it ended. But i guess if i had to wrap it up in 2 episodes, i couldn't have done much better. The baby thing was cool in hindsight, but as said here before, a monologue from count fuckfoot would have been more satisfying. Maybe we get some more closure in future episodes. All bitching aside, i have never had any experience with D&D before this (besides the 80's cartoon) and i thoroughly enjoyed the shit out of this whole campaign. Can't wait what the next one holds.
  7. LostCauze

    Drunken Roll Play

    This is great haha. Who ended it, you or him?
  8. LostCauze

    Character Drawings

    You should be getting paid for this.
  9. LostCauze

    Questions for Sark

    Co-sign, love to see this.
  10. LostCauze

    Character Drawings

    Amazing, these drawings really influence the imagination. The dwarves are so much more badass than the gardengnomes i was picturing. Btw, i'd buy a poster/painting of that "townfire" environmental.