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  1. A.T.Hun

    Episode 94 β€” Let Him Use His Illusion!

    I hope Gerry comes back. Every night before I go to sleep, a solitary tear rolls down my cheek and I whisper to no one in particular, "Don't forget Gerry!" It'd be great to have Sark back in the saddle again too. I should go back and re-listen to some of the early episodes for old time's sake.
  2. A.T.Hun

    Episode 92 β€” Suck It With Your Mandibles

    Blaine's comment about the grenade on the ants making a sound like putting an M80 in a dungeness crab was hilarious. Part of me said, "Of course everybody has done that." The other part of me understood completely what that would sound like.
  3. A.T.Hun

    Episode 91 β€” Polish My Horn of Blasting

    Blaine: "I had Pac Man fever. Turned out to be meningitis." Almost keeled over laughing from that one.
  4. I liked the tangent in this episode. I also thought the tribute to Robin Williams at the end was touching and real, unlike a lot of the quasi-sympathy that was on Twitter.
  5. A.T.Hun

    Danger Room(s)

    The whole concept of "Danger Room(s)" is new to me. The only thing I can gather is that it's supposed to be a short scenario instead of a more full-blown campaign. Can anybody give me or point me to a better definition?
  6. A.T.Hun

    Episode 77 β€” Into the Woods

    AFAIK, magic missile doesn't require a to-hit roll and does 1d4+1 in AD&D.
  7. A.T.Hun

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

    I'll join in the chorus asking for "Things the party missed" throughout the campaign post mortem. For example: What happened to all the people who were living in the bubble underwater and their magic-wielding leader? What became of Stargoyle? And so on. I have to say that I got kinda choked up when I heard that you weren't going to be around, at least for a good while. I was really impressed with the stuff you came up with out of your own noggin. Well done overall. Best of luck with the baby. Now you'll have someone to share your rave glow-sticks and pacifiers with! As we look to the future, I also hope that everybody rolls up new characters and starts anew with Blaine. Whatever he comes up with, we know it will be hilarious.
  8. A.T.Hun

    At Midnight!

    Those three should be on @Midnight permanently. Easily the funniest episode yet.
  9. A.T.Hun

    Episode 68 β€” Gnasher Poison

    Agreed! He had his thinkin' pants on when he chose those. Everytime he prays to Judas or something, I imagine him singing the song "Judas" by Yngwie Malmsteen. Oh, and just to be pedantic, rats can't vomit. Of course, there is relatively little research on dragonborn/rat hybrids on Glinishmoore.
  10. A.T.Hun

    Episode 66 β€” A New Awakening

    I loved the Muenster Manual joke. That's the loudest I've laughed over the course of the whole podcast. Since Wisconsin is my adopted home, I absolutely loved the concept of saving vs. cheese. Obviously that's a roll a lot of us fail around here. I really wondered how Sark was going to handle this. I think he handled their "death" in a way that was clever and oddly logical given the rest of this dungeon crawl to Glinishmoore. I'm looking forward to Gerry's next character. So far we've had a buck nerkid Shaman and an alcoholic Paladin. Maybe a Jehovah's Witness Rogue next? Oh yeah, what happened to Trondor?
  11. A.T.Hun

    Episode 65 β€” The Cavern Explosion

    Wow, that was brutal, Sark. Are you going to punch Sarah's baby in the next episode too? Don't forget Gerry! . . . again. No matter how Sark gets the rest of the party out of this, they lost the main point of being on this planet in the first place. . . unless Gerry's next character is Glinishmoore-ian (sp?) too.
  12. A.T.Hun

    Episode 60 β€” The Man Rats

    My knowledge of certain items and second edition certainly isn't what it could be, but would a rod of lightning even need an attack roll?
  13. A.T.Hun

    Episode 60 β€” The Man Rats

    The opening confused me for a split second then had me quite literally laughing out loud. Hopefully 3 Inches of Blood returns next time Or maybe next time start with "Lightning Strikes" by Lou Christie if they want to continue with the terrible song theme.
  14. A.T.Hun

    Episode 59 β€” The Tunnel to Glinishmore

    Wow. That is profoundly awful. Even worse than I anticipated. Well played, sir.
  15. A.T.Hun

    Episode 56 β€” After Party Brawl

    *pops in retainer* Dear Mr. Sark, Allow me to express how disappointed with you and your so-called cliffhanger ending. It is like giving us a Christmas present of a fresh turd. Yours angrily, Murderface Jr. (as portrayed by Bruce Willis) P.S. I would also like to point out that, despite the opening theme music, the group has not killed, slain, nor destroyed so much as a single orc! I trust that you will rectify this travesty forthwith.