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  1. MichaelAnderegg

    EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

    I gotta say, I really felt for Besser. He had a lot of valid points about his show and earwolf in general. This is probably my all time I4H Episode, They have nailed every episode this past year and that is effing awesome.
  2. Very Good episode that tied in perfectly in my improv class last week! Love to hear more of things like this.
  3. MichaelAnderegg

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Thanks for putting out the android app! however I have a couple Complaints: No Notification tray options: so to see what is playing I have to open the app. No lock screen controls: I have to unlock my phone fire up the app and see what is playing. Playback lag when using my Bluetooth headphones.(may be on my end) So far that is what i have noticed that is kinda a deal breaker so far. The app looks pretty nice but it is missing core functionality that many people are used to when listening to podcasts and this is not really going to win them over anytime soon. Pros: Good Content Slick interface Not that Laggy starts playing fast Thanks for finally bringing the app out, I think it will be amazing once it gets a chance to be polished up (especially with it taking less time to push updates than IOS)
  4. Sent in my Story. It is a tale of a middle school kid getting stabbed in the face and being punished by having to go to the girls sex ed.
  5. MichaelAnderegg

    PLEASE stop playing loud music with no warning

    I like it, some times I pause the podcast to rock out to Dragoon...
  6. 168: These fat Crackers. The whole elevator scene, also the mural with the schword.
  7. MichaelAnderegg

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This may be very controversial but I decided to share it anyway, this woman freaked out after a guy started his car with her kid near by. the kid got startled and she just unleashed into a ball of crazy racist fury. her response is super ridiculous and does not help her case at all.