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  1. SublimeBW

    Nerd Poker: LIVE now in Howl!

    WOW! Just stopped by this morning after being gone since Jan or so to see if there has been movement only to see this! Just when I was starting to be sad that RPGentlemen was ending this shows its pretty smile. Life is beautiful.
  2. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 153 — Farewell...For Now

    I think if the show does come back it comes back under a new name and dropping the "with Brian Posehn & Friends". so I am not too worried to see it move to Classics.I wouldn't be surprised to see a less static cast and have only 1 or 2 people that are in the podcast each week and then several players that rotate in for a few "weeks" at a time.
  3. SublimeBW

    First Wednesday with a new Nerd Poker...

    From what they said they are planning on this being a break. That being said, we all know what often happens when a group says they are taking a break. Hopefully it truly is a break and the group will be back at it in the future.
  4. Edit: Title should have been "Without A" not "With a" No episode is going to show up late or on Thursday. No tweet with a simple "We missed this week, sorry". No Ear Wolf recording studio being filled with farts and burps. Just a sad Wednesday morning. Hopefully the break is truly just a break even if all the group cannot get back together in a full time capacity. I guess I have to start listening to my other D&D podcasts on Wednesdays instead of Nerd Poker while at work (listen to them a few times since I multitask and may miss tidbits).
  5. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 153 — Farewell...For Now

    Really dug the cheesy get-together and fan-service in this episode Couple things I was really enjoyed about the episode... Hearing Stargoyle (no, that isn't a tear you see. BACK OFF!) Blackie Green's Charisma not actually being announced but it being eluded to Mildrith meeting clone Mildrith again but would have been better if clone Mildrith would have been hotter than normal Mildrith so that normal Mildrith might actually strike out at her in jealousy The sudden response of Brian with the Amarth and snapping clone Mildrith's neck made me think about the first spontaneous neck snapping all those years back Patton's song of course Hard to actually pinpoint my favorite part of the entire series but here are a few of my favorites.. El'Ryan (spelling?) naked on the spirit bear Dead body surfing with Blackie Green The initial bar fight/fire bit with Blaine's campaign Dan's Moon Festival adventure Hopefully the "break" will really be a break and we will get some Nerd Poker 2.0 some time next year.
  6. SublimeBW

    No episode today?

    Seems that way but cannot be upset by it since it isn't the norm for them. Hopefully the gang is OK and just became too high and forgot to hit record instead of something major happening.
  7. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 150 — Deep Dish Fish Tacos

    All this time people that is George W. that did 9/11 when it was really Patton Oswalt! Dun dun dunnnnnnn! I am was hoping to hear that the wish would take them away from Giantland completely but at least they were able get some direction and will be interesting to see what happens now that they will start slaughtering fish. Maybe then they can finally get some "Street Cred" from those Giant dicks only to double cross them later!
  8. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    Man, I was really hoping they would screw up the wish. I love listening to my players sit there and debate the best way to craft the wording of a wish only to overlook a completely obvious flaw and have it snap 'em in the ass. Side note: I got a bit of a half-mast when Blaine said that he wants to get back in the Blacky Green saddle. I once heard that his CHA is actually 19!
  9. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    Nah, the dream episode would be that everyone that has ever played Winter comes and plays a different aspect of Winter (each individual characters) and they are in some sort of psycho-state within his head after he takes a blow to it. Sooooo much tracing and Wam-dangoing (spelling?).
  10. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    My guess is that a simple BJ from a fairy would do the trick.
  11. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    Another great episode! Things have really been on a roll lately. I have been making sure all my buddies that feel off the wagon during the trek through Giant Land know that they have to listen to the episodes. Really curious how this will pan out, hopefully our large friend will make it out of the "jelly fish column" and pay back being set free (and losing an eye). I know it has been said many times over the past few weeks but it must be said again... Dan, fantastic job as DM and everyone else is doing some super kick as RPing. Love how Brendon stay in character the whole time (best guest minus the part where Patton did the song). Side note: Apparently fairy BJs can cure anything.
  12. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 145 — Moon Festival

    This... was good. Really enjoyed Brendon Small's character (as well as everyone elses). Not sure if I fully trust Ding-ding but am really enjoying this "one shot" (even though it will be split into mulitple episodes. Glad to see that Dan went the route of nuking Nausica instead of doing the dreaded DMPC instead of a NPC.
  13. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 144 — Fart Mail

    I must admit the drawing veins on a hot dog to make it tastier bit literally made me spit my water out at work. Really looking forward to seeing where things go with the color wars (hope that doesn't make me sound like a racist). I was kind of hoping that the gang would have helped out the black giants but can understand why they didn't want to get involved because there are rumors that the black giants tend to be huge dicks. <ba dump dump chs>
  14. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

    You don't know how happy that made me (and sorry for assuming) but when you were just talking about the need to kill those dickwads (or anything really) I was thinking "Great! There goes my hope for interaction." Of course, I can understand the want & desire to kill those damned giants since they have all be asshats to you guys.
  15. SublimeBW

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

    Actually, when they used the teleportation rune things they first ended up in 1 location and then used the helm to attempt to go back but teleported elsewhere and the helm was left behind in the location they teleported from (one of the things that can happen with a % roll). So sadly, no teleportation helm. As for show direction, I was disappointed to hear where the interaction with the giant on the beach went but came to terms with it. The danager room stuff is getting old but I doubt it will change any time soon especially listening to this latest episode where it sounds like Dan gave up looking for a story/NPC interaction with this episode. At least they all still funny to listen to (I just go elsewhere for my D&D fix).