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  1. That'll do, Cody. That'll do... Want a t-shirt of Codyboy's picture and the phrase: Just like momma used to make, more than it's healthy to.
  2. If you listen to the A.D.D. comedy podcast with David Razowsky go to the episode where he interviews Ptolemy Slocum and skip to 53:00. That is the clip in the show with a little preamble. Now, having listened, I can say that it's like an episode of Hollywood Handbook with absolutely no self awareness. "I would fucking pay to watch that guy eat lunch!" when talking about David Pasquesi. The idea that, "why should I learn in stages? Why can't you just learn all of it at once? With their rules and bag of tricks!" It's like being trapped with two coked up guys who are convinced that they are on the verge of some profound truth and something fucking real, bro! It's ultimately quite saddening to listen to. GZ
  3. Thank you for settling that! But I won't be going off to hassle or criticise the guy - but I will see what he has to say for himself. Cheers!
  4. I agree with you here and (I suspect like yourself) I don't have a strong dislike or hate of Doug - he's just quite tiring. A little bit like an elderly relative who you have to indulge out of politeness. After all, not every point needs to be illustrated with an example and after a while you could here the guys quietly laughing when Doug began another story. I do lose patience when he starts talking about levitating whilst meditating. I imagine one can feel or visualise that you are floating...and that's it. GZ
  5. @MattCameron I don't think so cos in the clip he was saying Groundlings didn't get it right either. Matt said it was a guy who ran a place 'across the street'. I don't think it's literally there but I googled improv classes taking place around UCB Franklin and the only guess I have is Keith Saltojanes of 'Improv LA', but no idea if it's him and me finger pointing like this does no one any good. But I admit to being weirdly fixated on this now I just want to hear the guy in his own words. GZ
  6. Could someone PM me the name of the guy they're talking about in case closed? I'm not interested in calling him a twit - I really want to hear him talk about HIS version of improv and why the UCB doesn't 'get it' as I have no view on improv but I do love a lot of people I've heard through ear wolf and most seem to have had some UCB or other improv training. I find it fascinating when someone makes sweeping statements and like to hear them speak themselves even if they end up hanging from their own noose. And from what I heard this guy does seem to fit the bill. Cheers GZ
  7. GrumpyZhukov

    EPISODE 188 — Moon Madness

    Neil Flynn was superb! But I wish comedians would take it easy with the fat shaming.
  8. GrumpyZhukov

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    In 4 days I've listened to this 8 times! I think this could be one of the greatest podcast episodes in the universe. To Matt Besser directly, you've done something amazing in this episode and I really hope people are telling you that! Thank you so much for this! Take care, GZ
  9. GrumpyZhukov

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    This is sublimely good! The last long-form they did in episode 168 was so, so funny and it's great that they did it again in such a brilliant way. Matt's character of the inspiring bully works so well, not because I think he's like that at all, but that he can be confrontational and gets to the point fast makes it easier to believe he could be this kind of maniac/teacher. A perfect episode! GZ
  10. GrumpyZhukov

    Episode 156 — Frozen Wogurt

    Great episode! I'm glad the 4 Humans were as appalled by the listener's best story as I was. Listening to Devon (I think that was his name?) describe his attitude towards the fat child with almost no empathy and capacity to reflect was equally fascinating and depressing. But if one good came out of it, it was a very strong scene by Matt and the other Humans! GZ
  11. GrumpyZhukov

    Character Drawings

    Very excited by the prospect of the renderings for the new characters. Too early to tell but I'm seeing Lyra as a version of Imoen from Baldur's Gate I and II. And amateur magician, Houg Denning as Jan Jansen from the same. I wonder if Houg enjoys turnips? Looking forward to what the listeners come up with! GZ
  12. GrumpyZhukov

    Big Thank You to Mildred/Sarah for being an Unsung Hero.

    I've definitely missed Sarah's presence recently and realised what a vital if understated role she plays. She keeps the boys from indulging too heavily in plain gross-out humour whilst adding her own witticisms and moving the game forward with the very well defined character of Mildred. Huzzah for Sarah and hurry back soon! GZ
  13. GrumpyZhukov

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Great episode! On the one hand I want them to survive with the sacrifice of Sir Richard - but on the other I'd like to see some new characters! Sir Richard and Damien were replacements themselves and they've turned out brilliantly. Plus I guess I don't care for the 'deus ex machine' solution which saves everyone. Personally, I'd like Mildred to be the sole survivor with maybe Blackie or Damien - say two survivors and a nice influx of new characters along the way. Whatever the case, I can't wait till next week to see how this all works out but I do hope that not all all of them survive…MWHA-HA-HA! GZ
  14. GrumpyZhukov

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    Great that it's back but I'm not getting it to download either.
  15. GrumpyZhukov

    No new episode this week? 01/08/14

    I know, right? I'm starting to get itchy waiting for my Wednesday hit of D&D goodness