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    The CBB Guest Network - redux

    I've made a new and improved version. It's linked in the OP now.
  2. I've heard of the movie The Social Network, but the guest network? You might remember that I made a network graph of all the CBB guests at the beginning of the year. That one was incomplete, so I've made a new one, updated to current information and with major problems ironed out. It shows every guest on CBB up to episode #326 - 2014 Holiday Spectacular. Guests are connected if they appeared together in an episode. The line is thicker the more often they appeared together. Guests cluster together if they appear together often. Here it is. Link because the picture is too large for an inline image. Edited link to new and improved version
  3. puppetman

    Cake Boss Inquiries

  4. My god, ths was amazing. Maybe it's because I am German but both Werner Herzog and H.R. Giger have always been my favourite characters of PFT and Gourley (well, there's also Cakeboss (Cakeboss!) and J.W. Stillwater. And Gary Marshall has also recently grown on me. And Gourley's Ian Fleming is amazing. Maybe I don't have a favourite after all). I've always wanted Giger and Herzog to meet and this exceeded all expectations. And they made it through with almost no hacky Nazi joke. Unfortunately that's still not the norm when talking about Germany in a comedy setting... Edit: I also just learned on the James Bonding Podcast that Matt Gourley actually used to operate Push the Talking Trashcan when he worked at Disneyland!
  5. puppetman

    What guest do you want to see?

    Yes, you may well be. Let me break it down: Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish are two British comedians who have worked together for a long time. they're life-long friends and they're most known for their radio shows on different networks, called 'Adam and Joe' or a variation thereof. While technically a morning show it featured a lot of nonsensical comedy that should appeal to a CBB listener. Here's a few examples from their so-called song-wars where they battle themselves with songs on a specific topic: These two are proposed theme-songs for (By Adam) and (By Joe) respectively. There haven't been any shows in the past few years, though, because Joe has become a sought-after director after his cult movie Attack the Block made quite an impact. Among others he co-wrote Ant-Man and Tintin. Cornballs and Dr. Buckles are two of the most well-known of the many names they give each other all the time. I would have never thought there'd be any connection between two of my favourite podcasts. But as I found out Joe actually appeared on CBB before, when he was doing press for Attack the Block. Now I wish they'd both be on. Stephenage is a call-and-response routine through which Adam and Joe fans recognize each other. One person shouts "Stephen!" at a concert or in a crowded place and everyone who knows what that means answers with "Just coming!". Ben Acker and Ben Blacker are the writers and producers of the Thrilling Adventure Hour show and podcast. justinmh05 told you about that already so I won't go into detail. You should really check it out though, if you don't know it! There's different segments of the show. I'd recommend listening to an episode of Beyond Belief first. It's the best segment in my opinion and it features PFT! Anyway, on an episode of the James Bonding podcast one of them referred to Pierce Brosnan as "Bronholm" which is . It was indeed revealed later in the episode that they used to listen to the show. Matt Mira is one third of the Nerdist podcast. Scott Mosier is a film maker and podcaster (he works with Kevin Smith a lot). The two have a podcast together (FEAB). On this they developed several characters, among them a polite Canadian Sniper who apologizes after every shot and a classic James Bond villain who is often caught up in the day to day workings of managing a large evil organization, e.g. organizing an ice cream social for his employees. Matt Mira is also the host of the above-mentioned James Bonding, together with Matt Gourley, of Superego fame.
  6. puppetman

    What guest do you want to see?

    When I compiled that network graph I was amazed, dumbstruck really, to see Joe Cornish in the data. I've listened to the episode since and he was fucking amazing as expected. He fit right into the show. But I'd like to see him on together with Adam Buxton. Actually I'd like to see Cornballs and Dr. Buckles doing anything together again. But I guess Mr. Fancy-Pants Hollywood Director is too busy. Oh and in case someone even understood WTF I'm talking about: Stephen! I know Acker and Blacker used to listen to the Adam and Joe Show (as revealed on James Bonding). Those two would make great guests on CBB as well. Oh and while I'm at it: Scott Mosier and Matt Mira as Canadian Sniper and Ice Cream Social James Bond Villain.
  7. That's a great resource. I'll definitely use it if I revisit that. Does anyone know how complete it is?
  8. Thankfully I didn't have to do it by hand. I copied the info from the Earwolf website, fomatted the raw data into a CSV with Python and used Gephi to visualize it. It's roughly based on this project by Renzo Lucioni which gave me the idea. Originally I'd wanted to scrape the site for the info as an exercise in Python and webscraping but it turns out it's easily available. If I should ever want to revisit this project though, I might scrape the site for character names and split up PFT and Adomian into their characters.
  9. Yes. Ep #223 entitled 'Roll Over, Seth Rogen'.
  10. This is a network graph of everyone who ever appeared on Comedy Bing Bong. A connecting line means the two persons appeared together in the same episode. The thicker the line the more often they appeared together. It includes every episode from the first up to the last one in 2013 (i.e. as of right now only the latest episode #263 is missing). Scott is not included in the dataset for obvious reasons. As expected PFT and James Adomian sit squarely in the middle.