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  1. ChristosKirst

    Nerd Pokerish

    There is a fantastic web comic out right now. www.tabletitans.com Its cool because it bounces in and out of character as a group plays D&D. Worth a read if you enjoy Webcomics. Start from the beginning. Its worth it.
  2. ChristosKirst

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    I'm really happy we have a wrap up of a such a epic 2 years! Thank you Sark for all your hard work. As a DM myself, I understand how hard it is to remember items and NPCs. I wish you the best in your youtube fame and baby crap cleaning!
  3. ChristosKirst

    Mr Sark's YouTube Gameland Jamboree

    Sark's youtube keeps me entertained at my lunch break. His Nazi Zombie Army 2 vids made me laugh so hard I cried. Not to mention buy the game. Well worth a watch!
  4. ChristosKirst

    Favorite D&D campaign setting?

    Ebrerron for me. Although I haven't read any of the old Dragonlance stuff.
  5. ChristosKirst

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    We as D&D nerds crack me up. We are all so up tight about this or that. Whatever! It was epic! Stark is a really good DM that gives his players a lot of room for escape. They play "balls to the wall" and just go for it. Good for them! Death happens in RPGs. As long as you are having fun... Rock on! This podcast is the highlight of my podcasting week, and this episode was best since Sir Richard was playing up the crowd in the mountain! I can't wait to see who he plays next. If Damien really does die... I hope Brian plays another spell casting character. His newbie feel was awesome to the group!
  6. ChristosKirst

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    If you're not a least a little afraid of your wife, something is wrong. Eps 21 broke my brain by the way. Thank you for that. I will never be able to look at pregnant women the same way.
  7. ChristosKirst

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I've been listening to your show. Good stuff! Your keeper is pretty hardcore... I wouldn't want to meet her in dark alley. Wow.
  8. ChristosKirst

    Questions for Sark

    That is getting printed out and getting put on my DM folder!
  9. ChristosKirst

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Thanks all who posted! I listened spatterings of most of the mentioned podcasts. Crit Juice has been fantastic. Listening to drunk people play D&D is a crack up. I'm going to have to get my players more smashed playing. I'm looking forward to trying the Cthuhlu podcast mentioned next.
  10. ChristosKirst

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Everyone keeps telling me 4e is awful, but I have been rather enjoying it. Most of my players are boardgamers or video gamers, so they seem to like that part of 4e. I plan to try out the new D&D version that is coming out this summer. I hear it feels more "old school".
  11. ChristosKirst

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Thank you all for the info! I'll give these all a shot. Penny Arcade's stuff is awesome! I have really enjoyed those so far. Thanks! I found something called... "Fear the boot" that has been interestesting as well. Not gameplay, but interesting talk about RPGs in general.
  12. ChristosKirst

    Fan Videos

    Awesome man!
  13. ChristosKirst

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Nerd poker has gotten me into D&D. I had never played before, but always wanted too. After hearing this show I was totally hooked. I got a group of friends together and started DM'ing a D&D 4e game. WoTC should pay you guys a finders fee I swear! Anyway... I'm really looking for other good RPG podcasts. I drive A LOT and Nerd Poker is just over too fast. Anyone have any other good suggestions?
  14. ChristosKirst

    Episode 55 — 7 Course Dwarf Feast

    This eps thru 57 have been the best of the show in my opinion. Sir Richard drunk, matched with Sarks discriptions of the dwarves has been amazing! Great work!