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  1. I usually download the video feed, and mostly just the play the audio from that. The sound from the video is not so compressed, so the eating never really bothered me. But, this week I downloaded the actual audio feed to my phone to listen in the car, and yow! it's gross. Yeah, I heard Phil on WTF a while back, and it was not great. But, I think Jimmy made an effort to meet Phil where he's at, and promote his PBS show and talk about things that Phil is interested in. And Phil in turn made an effort to burn Eliot . P.S.-- Phil's show is online, and it's not bad at all! http://video.pbs.org/program/ill-have-what-phil-having/
  2. Fun episode! Really liked seeing how good friends Scott and Jimmy are. Similar to an 80s kid's McDonald's birthday party, you really know who someone's best friends are by who they invite to meet U2 backstage.
  3. popo

    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    If nothing else, this episode gave rise to this week's delightful NNF Player's Club show with Paul. And for that I am thankful !
  4. popo

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    If Kulap is good friends with him, Armen must be a nice person, and he's probably great at whatever he does when he's not hosting WC. He just isn't a very good show host. And hogging the show is part of that. The Eeyore persona is only so irritating because he can't get out of the way and have an actual conversation with and about the other peeps! I think the show usually tries to have a guy sub in for Howard, but maybe another friend of Kulap's - a lady, perhaps? - would be cool as well. Also, I know society considers "motherly" to be an insult, and that makes me sad. Mothers rock!
  5. They didn't. But I think they record the Players' Club episodes on Wednesdays or Thursdays the week before (they release them on Sundays). I don't think Jimmy crossed paths that much with Harris Wittels (even if he appreciated Harris' comedy). Which is not to say the NNF crew are not sad at his passing, but perhaps they did not know him personally (unlike Andrew Koenig who was a big part of the early seasons of the show). It didn't seem odd to me, but I don't listen to that many Earwolf podcasts on a regular basis besides Never Not Funny and only learned of Harris' death a couple days ago. It's incredibly sad, and I'm sorry for the Earwolf family's loss.
  6. Yup! This was classic NNF with the new zany vibe of season 16. And seriously, sharks?!?!
  7. You might have better luck posting this over at nevernotfunny.com or emailing them at pardcast@gmail.com. I don't think Earwolf has much to do with the Player's club. The NNF Video fans Facebook page is also pretty helpful. I'm not familiar with the Overcast app. Does it have a place to enter in usernames and passwords for individual feeds? Maybe in the feed settings somewhere? You can also try putting your username and password in the url itself, like so: https://username:password@pardcast.com/feeds/season16video/season16video.xml Some apps work with that. Good luck!
  8. popo

    Episode 216 — Indie Gu Gu

    Randy is such a solid Chartist!!! Like a Texan Kulap. Maybe, the indiegugu site will redirect to indiegogo once they get it set up? Regardless, looking forward to the finished video. In time for Summah 2015?
  9. what makes you say that? I think he's quoted some Family Guy lines he thinks are funny a few times and not in a sarcastic way. makes me think he's at least seen a few episodes in a non-hatewatch fashion.
  10. Jimmy's always been a little angry on the show. I think it's gotten better over the years because 1) everyone's getting older and has kids and is mellowing out 2) Matt Belknap gets better at dealing with it and calling him out on it on the air. Also, Jimmy recognizes it's not always great - hence the running 0 to 60 stories from his real life. I like the show because Jimmy is just being himself, but yes, it's not always sunshine and rainbows on NNF.
  11. popo

    Episode 210 — Artisanal Podcasting

    I know what you mean and I kinda agree. Except the trash compactor part made me laugh out loud. I'm not a fan of comic book movies or sci-fi or fantasy, so I do find Who Charted to be a nice respite from nerd culture that seemingly surrounds me. But, I sometimes wish Howard would talk about other movies he likes besides Jaws (even if they aren't betta). There are other movies in the top 5 that are not make-em-ups. I think talk about Interstellar is just heavy on his mind because it's the only movie in the list that he's seen.
  12. popo

    Episode 207.5 — 11/21/14 TWO CHARTED 146

    Does the Ku chart ever come first? I kinda wish it would sometimes.
  13. popo

    Episode 205.5 — 11/07/14 TWO CHARTED 144

    Hot Slob was great. Also, just saw that Eddie Pepitone will be a guest next week! Excited to hear some great Pepitone laughs at Howard's genius.
  14. This is pretty amazing! Didn't listen to this podcast when the episodes were first going out, and now listening to it post album release is kinda neat. Like a little time capsule of music history and humor.