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  1. DennisCoryCrosby

    Episode 1909 - Paul Gilmartin

    My MVP guest on NNF. Nobody catches Jimmy off guard as often. I missed him!
  2. Quick story: I had seen the word "facade" in print, but hadn't heard it pronounced out loud until the film My Fellow Americans with James Garner and Jack Lemmon, and the vice president (played by the dad from Home Alone) says it "fuh-kade." For YEARS I thought that was how you said it. It wasn't until an idea of subtitles occurred to me that I found out how it's actually pronounced.
  3. DennisCoryCrosby

    Episode 1905 - Todd Levin

    Nikki Glaser gave her the fucking BUSINESS, tho. Holy shit.
  4. DennisCoryCrosby

    Episode 1902 - Laurie Kilmartin

    Laurie's laugh is literally a cackle. I love it. Nothing's come close to Janet's effusive, loud laugh, tho. Man is that great.
  5. Going by the title alone, I'mma assume that in a handful of years, we're going to look back at the recorded works of Hamilton and say to ourselves, "oh wow, this bilge was considered genius in its time, but there's just SO much of it. Let's teach it in schools so it doesn't evaporate."
  6. DennisCoryCrosby

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    I guess they're hoping someone is able to relate to "other genders confuse me" without actually saying it?
  7. DennisCoryCrosby

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    All negativity seems to be being removed, which is likely for the best.
  8. My fave spoonerisms are "Smurtwood Kith" and "Snesley Wipes."
  9. You get a sense now why Gourley and Amanda Lund are a couple. Both giant fans of fearless blind groping into things they don't seem to really understand. Works real well.
  10. DennisCoryCrosby

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

  11. "So I guess...................................I wouldn't......eat my dog.....hem haw hem haw...." Agony. Diff'rent strokes, I guess.
  12. Yeesh, Scott, be more of a pain in the ass
  13. DennisCoryCrosby

    EPISODE 240 — Dippin Cakes

    The word is "make-'em-ups."
  14. DennisCoryCrosby

    EPISODE 4 - Savannah, Georgia

    It's so effusive, and then there's that sigh at the end. It's terrific.
  15. DennisCoryCrosby

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    So is Rob Huebel's whole thing "I jerked off to this?" Jason does it once an episode, this guy goes 7 times in 20 minutes. I miss Jason.