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  1. So, I had a long drive today and these podcasts made the time fly by! Props to Harris and Scott for making me actually laugh out loud several times, which I guess is what is supposed to happen when listening to comedians, so way to do your jobs! Also, I can relate to the premise of the show because my wife hates Phish and I've tried my best to change that, but after taking her to 4 shows, she is officially done with Phish. That being said, my 3-year old twin daughters ask to hear live versions of Horse>Silent in the Morning, If I Could, Waste, and Prince Caspian every night before bed, so I guess I am doing my part to spread the word. Anyway, here are my unsolicited suggestions for getting Scott, Tom, and any other skeptics out there to like Phish. 1. Play a clip from a song with composed sections that are objectively good music. Try out the piano and guitar solos from the studio version of Rift starting at 1:30 and then if they don't like what happens at 3:58 then your mission is futile. 2. Stop playing post-hiatus Phish 3.0 jams. Everyone knows Phish was in their prime in '97 so check out the 12/30/97 Taste jam starting at around the 7:20 mark and faces are sure to melt when that jam peaks at around 8:22. Also, I know you hate on Reba jam, but check out 12/7/97 version at the 11:30 mark and then anyone who doesn't like what happens at 13:26 may never like Phish. 3. Introduce Scott and Tom to the art of the segue. Not the thing that Gordo rides on, but the smooth transitions from jam to next song. See 12-7-97 AC/DC Bag > Psycho Killer or "The Real Gin" from 12-29-95. 4. For covers, try the something that sounds different from the original like Page singing Sea and Sand (10-31-95). 5. For good Phish vocals/harmonies, try Waste or Billy Breathes. Or maybe just avoid vocals altogether. 6. For comedic purposes, you should banter over BBFCFM, Kung, and Fish singing Purple Rain >HYHU >Vacuum solo. They will definitely hate Phish even more by the time that segment is over, but at least I will laugh my ass off! Thanks again for the laughs. Looking forward to the Hollywood Bowl episode. You got Zero'd!! Jeremy