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  1. HipsterNonsense

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    It is a most glorious day indeed.
  2. HipsterNonsense

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    "Batman v. Superman: No Matter Who Wins We Lose" As a silly throw-away line that made me laugh way harder than it should have.
  3. HipsterNonsense


    Words cannot describe how excited I am for this, well words probably could describe how excited I am, but I'm too lazy to think up the right words.
  5. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 275 — Wikifeet High and Rising

    I usually love this podcast, but this one was hard to get through. The guest is wildly unfunny.
  6. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 372 — Motown Tea

    Agreed. I'm not a HUGE Beatles fan so I was scared that I wouldn't pick up on certain references. This was off putting at first, but after actually hearing what the character was I've come to love it. Also, Horatio hit it out of the park again. I loved his character and I give him bonus points for coming up with the most grating voice I've ever heard on this podcast.
  7. It's like when Michael Jordan returned to basketball at the end of Space Jam. Because I'm assuming Paul's been teaching cartoon characters how to do competitive improv in order to save their world from a group of aliens that have stolen the talents of other famous improvisers.
  8. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    Also, this....
  9. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    I think they were purposely being disruptive as a bit. I enjoyed it personally, but I could see how talking over each other could be a bit much for some people. Anyways this was an amazing episode. The Horses were on point as always, and I'm really glad Jermaine played along. I'm a big FotC fan so it's good to know that he's a nice guy off the show as well.
  10. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    Okay guys, band meeting..... Really looking forward to hearing this episode. A STELLAR lineup to be sure.
  11. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 200 — 200th Episode!

    Super excited to hear this show, but as a quick comment on the photos....lonely Andy Daly makes me sad.
  12. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 259 — Stabbed in the Heart

    I had been meaning to listen to this for a while now, and it's a shame that I'm now listening to it under these circumstances.
  13. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Regrettably I'm a bit late to the party when it comes to this podcast. I have listened to a few episodes over the past few weeks, but I'm still pretty far behind. I'm sad that I didn't get to fully enjoy it as it happened, but I look forward to being able to catch up on a backlog of what I'm sure are many hilarious and amazing episodes. Thanks to everyone involved in this podcast.
  14. HipsterNonsense

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    I listened to the show and then clicked on the forum thread about it. Needless to say I'm pretty disappointed that there wasn't 6 pages of a lively discussion about cuckolding for me to read.
  15. The Ms. Chips call in was pure insanity. This entire episode is pretty amazing.