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  1. HunterJE

    Episode 469 - Quiznos What QuizDid

    Typo in the episode description, it refers to the Judge Sean Hoffman podcast as "Judge John Hodgman" for some reason...
  2. We Took the Handsomest Man Alive, Who Is Also Very Funny, and the Funniest Man Alive, Who Is Also Very Handsome, And Put Them On One Stage, and You Won't Believe What Happened Next! Seriously, loved the whole episode, great interview and a great example of the kind of batshit crazy improv we've come to expect from Spontaneanation. And the stinger with Gourley's injury story was icing on the cake...
  3. HunterJE

    Episode 420 - Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave

    So did Todd get so high he forgot his sexual orientation, or did I miss something in a past episode?
  4. I'm totally cool with how far in advance this show is, the content isn't terribly time-sensitive and a podcast where they're so on top of things is one that won't miss episodes because of unforeseen complications. That said, I am in despair at how long I will have to wait for the upcoming live show with Robyn Hitchcock to percolate its way to the feed...
  5. The run of lesser portentious instruments was a thing of beauty...
  6. HunterJE

    Season 3: Game 3 - Pistol Shrimps 4/19/16

    So this is probably why I'm not good at being a sports fan in real life either: A part of me is actually kind of relieved that the new season hasn't started out great, last season it got to the point where I couldn't fully loosen up and enjoy the episodes because of the tension of whether the Shrimps would maintain the streak... Also, I made this while listening tonight:
  7. HunterJE

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    What a weirdly defeatist attitude to take at an announcement like this. Maybe it's just me but for me, four TV appearances and ten podcast appearances are evidence enough that Scott and Al are a combination that works pretty well...
  8. HunterJE

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    So excited by the announcement, I was just talking the other day to someone about how much I love the rapport between Scott and Weirdo Al on his various appearances on the podcast and show. Also was glad to hear they're going with a version of the Watts theme, Cudi's theme was great but I kind of like having versions of the same theme song as a point of connection between the podcast and the TV show.
  9. HunterJE

    EPISODE 150 — Deep Dish Fish Tacos

    Not far from what happened, but I would have loved if her god had decided their talents were of use right where they were, and they wasted a wish to teleport three feet to the right or whatever.
  10. HunterJE

    EPISODE 150 — Deep Dish Fish Tacos

    When will these guys learn that their enemy's enemy is not their friend? "Oh, these giants are fighting the giants who wanted to kill us, let's be friends, uh-oh, they want to kill us too, let's get away, oh, these fish are fighting the second giants, they must be our friends, oh wait, they're not our friends? I guess that means the second giants are our friends after all!" Also, I think the lesson with the fish is when you turn your back on a quest for no reason, that quest will eventually come back to haunt you, and it will be bigger and worse. Also, this development makes me so happy because it makes my Nerd Poker fanart from last year once again relevant (or technically for-the-first-time relevant, since by the time I got the right color-scheme pieces to make the final version they'd already run away)....
  11. Spontaneanation, going out on a limb with the really controversial opinions, like "ice cream is pretty great." Don't get me wrong, love the hell out of it.
  12. Relevant to the discussion of electoral "rules of thumb" in the opening conversation (It's not too surprising that these things show up and get given overblown significance given a very high stakes event with a two-digit sample size...) Also I really need to see an artist's impression of Kumail's "giant" tennis scorpion...
  13. HunterJE

    EPISODE 140 — Andrew the Magic Carpet

    Conversation? With a giant? That didn't end in violence? Is, is that allowed?
  14. BTW, Zune is not still a thing in terms of new manufacture, but we Zune users are still out there (and you can still find them reasonably easily on eBay or whatnot). The original Zune was such a disaster that the name became a punchline, but the later Zune HD is a great little media device.
  15. That question was so prone to abuse with the "guaranteed success" part. "Supreme ruler of the world," anyone? "Miracle cancer curer?"