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  1. HunterJE

    Character Drawings

    Omg Damien rat's emo 'do...
  2. HunterJE

    Episode 66 โ€” A New Awakening

    If this goes on like it's going I'm definitely going to start minds-eyeing this whole adventure as a cartoon. I already had a song I hadn't known I still knew from Disney's The Rescuers stuck in my head all episode...
  3. HunterJE

    Episode 66 โ€” A New Awakening

    Wow, where to start. Bolted out of bed the moment the alarm went off to go hit the manual refresh button on my podcatcher, so worth the wait. A few thoughts: -Kudos to Sark on managing to mostly save a TPK while maintaining stakes, and to do it in a way that majorly brought the funny, too. The reaction from the party the moment their rattiness was announced was priceless. Non-shitty DM. -Also impressed how well everyone is getting into the ratty roleplay. At least I hope that's what's going on, Brian got to "I start licking my balls" frighteningly easily and reflexively -Really hoping to see some Saturday morning cartoon style fan art of mouse PCs -I nearly cried when the shade of Sir Richard gave Damien the thumbs-up -I maybe actually cried, for different reasons, at the Muenster Manual crack -Damien is suddenly really opening up and being a decent guy to his party-matesโ€”maybe chalk it up to the relief of being saved (kinda) from certain death, but I'm worried he might be heading in to an alignment hit or some kind of divine disfavor... -While part of me knows it's best and likely that they'll eventually return to their original forms, or at most ratfolk equivalents, it would kinda be rad if they were to confront and defeat the old man as a bunch of rodents...
  4. HunterJE

    Other RPG's

    I've been wanting for a while to run a campaign of the recent update of Hackmaster (and if I can ever find myself a few players and some time it may someday happen). Really like the count-up combat style (actions take a given number of seconds, and you act when your second comes up--no combat rounds) and somewhat whimsical attitude.
  5. HunterJE

    The Reincarnation of Gerry

    I would back a kickstarter to bribe Gerry into doing this.
  6. HunterJE

    Character Drawings

    Some character art in honor of the last show:
  7. HunterJE

    The Eulogy Thread

    I keep seeing this sentiment, on the episode thread as well... were people listening to the same podcast I was? Seems like the only sure death is Sir Richard, we never saw Stargoyle die on screen (rather just lost sight of him) and Sark hinted pretty clearly that he plans to hand wave some if not all of the other PCs back to life.
  8. HunterJE

    Episode 275 โ€” LIVE from SXSW 2014

    Wow, deep cut indeed. Great show, though, almost enough to forget how evil leaving last week's cliffhanger hanging is...
  9. HunterJE

    Episode 65 โ€” The Cavern Explosion

    Dunno, seems like the goal was to bloody them to add tension to upcoming encounters (particularly given the ease with which the party has been popping ratmen the past few weeks), note that (1) a ton of the damage was from the wall going, which was a 3-in-10 chance, and (2) Sark himself seemed caught off guard by the fact that they hadn't meaningfully healed after the previous hit. If he'd tried much harder to dial it back at that point, that would have felt a lot more railroaded. Anyways, he's heavily signalled that he's going to soften the blow for at least some of the party.
  10. HunterJE

    Episode 65 โ€” The Cavern Explosion

    Got that feeling myself... part of me wonders if that has something to do with the "not dead yet" hints ("woohoo, we're alive but prisoners of were-rats").
  11. HunterJE

    Episode 65 โ€” The Cavern Explosion

    Seems like Sark is hesitant to give one player two back-to-back player deathsโ€”he has pretty well telegraphed that Damien's crispitude is not going to last, and he did the same thing with Sir Richard's critical diving suit failure. Ooh, I wonder what badass weapon Damien will come back with in place of those crispy fingers? Also can't wait to see what crazy over-the-top RP factory Jerry rolls up next.
  12. HunterJE

    Episode 274 โ€” Oh, Golly!

    Crossover. Event. Of. The. Decade. (And I'm guessing about as much canonical stickiness as is usual for crossover events...)
  13. HunterJE

    Episode 61 โ€” The Scream in the Cave

    Man, I knew from the moment they went into that room that a whole dwarf wasn't coming out of that pit : /
  14. HunterJE

    Episode 141 โ€” Tarot

    I felt a chill of fear when the guest rattled off the list of new agey mumbo jumbo she's "in to" (which I'm sure she's just as deep "in to" as tarot--from my adolescent dabbling with such silly superstition I recall that the "read the entire description of the card from the booklet" reading style is generally considered pretty amateurish) and indicated that she'd love to be back on to talk about it...
  15. HunterJE

    Episode 140 โ€” Show Business

    I too was turned off by how casually condescending the guest was, and I felt like even the advice was contradictory and sounded like a motivational speaker trapped in a magic 8-ball, and at times outright contradicted what he'd said minutes before ("If you really want your comedy career to go anywhere, you should be focusing on booking TV gigs like Aziz and not wasting your time on this little podcast thing" followed two breaths later by "if you're not doing exactly what you would be doing if money was no object you're doing it wrong," which by the way is also TERRIBLE career advice). Paused this one about two thirds in at the end of my morning commute today, and not sure I'm going to be listening through to the end....
  16. HunterJE

    Episode 60 โ€” The Man Rats

    Why do I get this nagging fear that we're going to download next week's episode and it's going to be five minutes? *theme song* *earwolf boilerplate/ad* *introductory chatting and catch-up* *percentile roll for botch* ... *outro chat* *plugs* *earwolf closing bumper* I wonder if Sark would actually follow through with a total-party-wipe at the top of an episode if the circumstances and the rolls merited it, or would he fudge around it? Seems like we could have been quite close a few episodes ago, too, if cooler heads hadn't prevailed on explosives-handling...