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  1. Protoman

    Episode 592 - The PeeE Neurs

    Great episode, the D-I-C breakdown had me cracking up
  2. Sean doesn't know what "tfw" means...
  3. Protoman

    Episode 547 - Johnny Pacquiao

    Great Episode, the engineer should get on mic more though
  4. Protoman

    Episode 238 - Joe Mande, Our Close Friend

    DEFINITELY one of my favorite episodes of HH, had me laughing my ass off in the car. I had a friend who was obsessed with Carlin and I remember him putting on this exact special and I had to make up some excuse to leave the room after this opening bit.
  5. Protoman

    Episode 368 - Stethoscopes on the Pulse

    Harmon needs to be on more Earwolf podcasts, funny dude
  6. "Not so fast Moriarty...." I was crying laughing at this part, funniest Santa Man commercial to date
  7. Cyrus the Virus cracking up describing how a man has no bodyhair is probably my favorite audience interaction in the show's history.
  8. Protoman

    Episode 296 - The Rudest Alarm Clock

    A certain member of this podcast is spoiling the hell out of their kid I won't name names though
  9. Protoman

    Episode 292 - Ice Cream Sex Party

    That youtube Uber clip was extremely awkward
  10. Protoman

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    the cast has been on fire lately great ep
  11. I wish Jack would create a list of all the music he's suggested on the podcast since it began, I discovered Skepta last week b/c of this podcast and I'm thinking there's definitely been some good stuff I missed
  12. Protoman

    Episode 155 - Airborne: LIVE!

    Mitchell Goosen is for sure cancelling his HBO subscription after listening to Kumail on this podcast
  13. that "white boy" youtube clip was fucking hilarious jesus I need an entire podcast just analzying that 1 video
  14. Protoman

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    loving the grandma bit with Gemberling also, Invincible is the most consistently good superhero comic out right now and Robert Kirkman is surprisingly funny
  15. Protoman

    Episode 446 - Scrounging and Lounging

    Great episode, one of the best in a bit might have to start watching Orphan Black