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    Olympus Has Fallen

    Just watched White House Down on cable. That was terrible. You have to do it.
  2. RandyReiss

    Now You See Me (2013)

    Just adding my vote here -- this movie would be perfect for HDTGM. It so ludicrous and with such big name talent appearing on screen. I sunk into this movie during a day long movie watching spree (fun-employment, yeahhhhhhh) and just could not believe my eyes and ears. Too many WTFs, one after the other. And that twist! I wanted to punch some one, really fucking hard.
  3. RandyReiss

    Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

    This is one of those movies where every so often you just go "what the fuck am I watching?" In particular, there is a giant car crash scene that calls back to the glory days of Smokey & The Bandit and the first BB movie-- except it goes on FOREVER. Like Sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes-- starts off funny, then is terrible, then is so terrible it is funny, then is terrible...and it never quite makes it back to funny again. It kind of just stays at "fuck you, audience, for making us make this movie."