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  1. hcmle

    Episode 198— Fear and Living Well

    This was a fantastic episode and it ended way too soon. I would have liked to hear Mr. Neyer talk for much longer, and let his calmness and joyful serenity just wash over me some more. This may not have been the most uproarious episode ever (Stephanie's pizza challenge aside), but it's certainly a memorable one. The feels, they're sticking around.
  2. hcmle

    Episode 191 — Kyle and His Mother

    Born and raised in LA and now living in CT, I concur... this weather is just painful. At least we don't have many earthquakes to contend with. If only we were all so lucky to have a mother as delightfully charming and fun as Kyle's. I hope my kids and I can be as close as Kyle and Judy when they are grown. Mother meditation was the best yet. Don't forget your raincoat. These have been great solo shows!
  3. Much like their last time alone together in the hatch, this was absolutely delightful. They have such a wonderful rhythm together- clearly they're very much in sync. I wish them a lifetime of cracking each other up. Together, their joy is pretty infectious.
  4. hcmle

    Episode 181 — Events

    I don't usually enjoy so much name dropping, but Flanagan was super awesome- great ep.
  5. hcmle

    Episode 180 — Horses

    I was also enamored with horses as a little girl, and read horse books by flashlight late into the night... laying under my poster of horse breeds. Maybe Tig was thinking of Chincoteague Ponies? They're in the same geographic region as the Outer Banks, just on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay. Fun show, this one.
  6. hcmle

    Episode 153 — Animation

    Also, applause to Sara for her work on that Community episode, too. Cosmos got a lot compliments, but the Community episode was streets ahead.
  7. hcmle

    Episode 153 — Animation

    That was a definite show highlight for me. You could really feel a contagious positive energy with this week's guest. Everyone stayed engaged and interested and it just felt good to listen to it. Plus, lots of personal stories and bits to boot. Great show.
  8. hcmle

    Episode 152 — Screen Printing

    Dissenters be damned, I love it when they go around the horn- that Intro is one of my favorite bits of late. The revelation of each week's song is so marvelous...actually, It's Terrific I'm glad Kyle discovered the Celiac piece- keeping on the diet will improve so many aspects of his life.... except his love life, because he's clearly already Walking on Air.
  9. I thought it was really great, albeit jarring, to hear Aaron's voice. (And was I the only one who was waiting for them to just come out and admit that they taped this show the same time as Sensory Science? No shame in double tapings.) I really like the podcasts that invite more stories and reflections from their lives, so this format worked fine for me. And while I'll say again that I liked hearing Aaron, I look forward to hearing an obviously more current episode-- how is everyone doing now?- not some random time in the past, where they still make intentionally vague references to the Grammy's. Does anyone know if they actually went camping last month? That sounded awesome, like great podcast time. Maybe it involved hiking. Or meditating. Or band practice around a campfire. Nightguy with some crazy s'more action. I need stories, people.
  10. hcmle

    Episode 149 — Filmmaking

    Agreed, Kickpuncher- when was this recorded? Josh mentioned how "by February" he would only have about 4 episodes left of HIMYM, so it sounds like this show has been waiting for a while- though still "Top Shelf Thoughts" Era. It would have been a little creepy if Aaron had actually been there for this recording- I've been trying to sell myself on the idea of him having truly left. It's not the same without him. While Josh showed absolutely no familiarity with PB, he played along well. A good fit for the show.
  11. hcmle

    Episode 146 — Anxiety

    So are they going RVing this weekend? I hope they were serious about it. Sounds perfect. And another "Best Wishes" for Aaron and his family. You'll be missed.