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    Episode 94 — Let Him Use His Illusion!

    Gerry isn't coming back?! Say it ain't so! I talked to Gerry at the Cincinnati Comic Con a few weeks ago and he said he would be back by the end of the year.
  2. TimGeorge

    No Episode 89???

  3. TimGeorge

    Episode 81 — Through the Church

    So many skeletons. Can't we get a gelatinous cube just to mix it up a bit?
  4. TimGeorge

    Episode 76 — On the Run

    Lyra needs to put some distance between herself and the rest of these guys. She killed no one, nor set anything on fire. She's on the run for getting her butt grabbed. And I wish Gerry was there to be pissed about how he got roped into this mess just by showing up for his open mic slot. They should all be pissed at Dag. The possible drama and infighting in this group could get pretty juicy...
  5. TimGeorge

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    New characters = plenty to draw
  6. TimGeorge

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    Looks like we may be in for a more organic / improv style adventure which should be fun. Love the idea of Dag being a Amarth/Damien hybrid. Can't wait to see what Gerry brings to the mix but you know he's going to hate both Dag and Hug, which is perfect. I get the impression that Sarah's sexy pickpocket is going to be the catalyst for a lot of trouble, especially with dumb guy Dag crushing on her. A very promising start...
  7. TimGeorge

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    after a mild panic attack thinking Brian was going to announce the end of Nerd Poker, I was glad that they will march on into a new campaign. I would like a post mortem on the campaign to answer a few questions: 1. What happens to all the clones on other worlds. Do they die now that the necromancer is dead? Or do they live on unaware that they are clones? 2. Do they ever find the crystals they need rto get home? Though if the next campaign picks up with these characters it may just start with them trying to get home and getting caught in another snafu 3. How much stuff did they miss by making choices Sark wasn't expecting? How many of Sark's plans fell through? 4. What was Blackie's charisma? I don't think it ever came up... Over all a great campaign. The end was understandably rushed. I would have preferred that they got the Necromancer monologging before the took him down like any great villan should. But I can't wait to see where these guys go with it. It was fun and has me jonesing for my own game, which is the point of any good campaign.
  8. TimGeorge

    Episode 71 — Dwarves vs. Man Rats

    I think an opportunity was missed to role play naked Mildred surrounded by hundreds of naked man Dwarves, or at least an awkward exchange with Trondor. Someone should write some fan fiction of Mildred's time seperated from the group...
  9. TimGeorge

    Episode 70 — The Kitchen Caper

    Where was Mildred this episode? Was she back with the rest of the rats? If she was she is now naked and surrounded by dozens of naked male dwarves with naked male dwarf chubbies... ...or she was in a small rat tunnel and just got playdough fun factoried out through the wall...
  10. TimGeorge

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    Its OK to let a rat lick your balls as long as you say 'SLAYER' while he's doing it
  11. TimGeorge

    Episode 61 — The Scream in the Cave

    Damien should already have the Sparklet necklace. They gave it to him when they jumped from the Necromancers ship to their skiff.