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    Episode 196.5 — 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

    Howard managed to get Jamaal Charles with the 9th pick? He's going second in most leagues. More football talk please.
  2. MattCampbell

    Episode 196 — Power Stache

    I've been listening to the music charts for the last 6 weeks and it's bothered me so much that Howard hasn't noticed or said that the Sam Smith song sounds just like Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down."
  3. MattCampbell

    Episode 305 — CattleLickItUp

    As a boy who grew up in Wantagh, Long Island, New York -- hearing my town named multiple times makes this my favorite episode of all time.
  4. MattCampbell

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    This actually made me change my opinion on Armen. I at first really didn't like him on WC, but this episode just made me feel really bad for him and within that, root for him. I love Besser, but he was really putting it to Armen in a way that was ruder than necessary and probably made Armen look worse than he actually was. The fact that Kulap, who could have easily facilitated Armen through his quirks, only further ragged on him made matters worse and kind of made her seem like a mob-mentality bully. Armen seems like a sensitive dude who got gun shy on a program he shouldn't have been on and had to live up to the epic standard that How How left in his wake. If this Who Charted was a wrestling match, there would have been an Armen face turn and a Kulap/Besser heel turn.
  5. MattCampbell

    Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

    I can't tell if the NYC hate is real or a work. Complaining about biking lanes in the city? Isn't that something Howard would ship 100%? He's the guy who was suggesting having no SUV's allowed in LA or whatever.
  6. MattCampbell

    Episode 175.5 — 4/11/14 TWO CHARTED 114

    Howard, did you start watching the Wire with the second season? The scene in question you're talking about is in Season 2.
  7. MattCampbell

    Episode 174.5 — 4/4/14 TWO CHARTED 113

    The Stard' v. Howard twooches are the best. Love these so much. In regards to the LZ riff at the top of the show: I just wanted to say that I'd listen to you dudes talk about music (not necessarily the charts) all day. Something along the lines of what Howard did on Feral Audio with Jensen would be awesome. I'd happily pay a small subscription fee to listen to that, especially if it came with a DBS bundle...just saying.
  8. MattCampbell

    Episode 167 — Slope Style

    Howard, not you too...Gluten is a protein. It is not bad for you. It's only a problem when it's a part of processed foods, which is bad in itself. Also, Gluten Free foods are chunked with sugar. You're acting like a total mark, Kramedog.