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  1. KyleSteinhauser

    EPISODE 271 ā€” Muskot Love

    I love all this baseball talk lately, tis the season! As a KC Royals fan, I'm hoping for a 1985 repeat very badly!
  2. KyleSteinhauser

    EPISODE 28 - One Hour Photo Shop

    Eban Schletter playing "On Broadway" in the background multiple times proves that he really is only the best.
  3. KyleSteinhauser

    EPISODE 106 ā€” Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    Looking at the edit and revision history on Stellan Skarsgard's Wikipedia page makes me giggle. Thank you PFT.
  4. KyleSteinhauser

    Episode 223.5 ā€” Sklarbro County 128

    This is one of the best one they've done far. Such good chemistry and the riffs were on point.
  5. KyleSteinhauser

    Episode 204 ā€” The Zeit'MothaFuckin'Geist

    SIR Chubby Checker. Approach the bench.
  6. PFT saying a prayer about Robot Jesus at the end made me laugh audibly at the gym and made me look like an idiot and I couldn't be happier about it.
  7. I'm a faithful Earwolf listener since the beginning and this has got to be one of the best and funniest podcasts I've ever heard saunter its way into my earholes. Can we please just get Andy and PFT to do a podcast where they just talk to each other in different characters all day?