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    At Midnight!

    I just saw @ Midnight. Hysterical. Brian "telling" Patton off, w/ Blaine between them leaning back w/ eyes darting back and forth between them had Hardwick, and me, dying. Those guys have great Chemistry. Bring the Nerdist on to Nerd Poker for a guest appearance!!
  2. supertweet

    Big Thank You to Mildred/Sarah for being an Unsung Hero.

    "Game of Prongs." Oh Sarah, you slay me. And, upon seeing Hodor's junk pic, "oh. Oh. Oh Woww." Love it.
  3. supertweet

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Agree w/ what many have said; I think Sark gave Sir Richard an out, and per usual, Sir Richard took the "I'm charging and fighting" fork when deciding whether or not to drop arms agains the Man-Rats. Not surprising And, I do believe Damien is somehow saved via his Judas prayers; a great bit of detail dungeon mastering in my D&D novice opinion. I hope so; Damien's become my favorite, and think Brian's only just scratched the surface of the character's Emo-Goth ways. What a huge, suspenseful episode. Anybody else flash back to Bart's 1st encounter w/ Sparklett, crying "What's happening" from the other room, while here Bart sat trembling in his own pooh, waiting to die? What an hysterical wuss in muscular, fire-breathing dragon-skin.
  4. supertweet

    Big Thank You to Mildred/Sarah for being an Unsung Hero.

    I take it back; was catching up at the Gym and heard #59 (The Tunnel to Glinishmore), where Sarah vehemently defends Billy Joel; Oh Sarah... Although, she makes it for it by initially giggling and joining in while the guys poop on Sark's EDM love. I've become a creepy internet dude and have a computer crush. BTW, the last 5 minutes of this episode contained some of the most hysterical "bagging on a buddy" I've ever heard!
  5. Registered just for this post. Found the podcast via Hardwick's Nerdist a few weeks' back; although I've never played D&D, listening to these hilarious characters role-playing and going off on tangents has brought me endless entertainment and a desire to find a game. To the podcast itself: The dynamic between Brian/Blaine/Ken/Sark/Jerry is so fantastic. Between Brian the grumpy curmudgeon, Blaine the comic relief, Sark the enabler/web-spinner, Ken the subtle deviant, and Jerry the match/instigator, I've been howling as the group continually weaves in and out of gameplay seriousness and meandering ramblings. However, with such boisterous characters, the podcast for me has potential to devolve into one-upmanship, with the guys speaking over each other, for example. However Sarah always seems to pull the guys back in with an astute question about a potential action during gameplay or a "roll-of-the-eyes" giggle to one of the more outrageous/outrageously funny comments by another. Although the guys seem to disparage one-another mercilessly if good-naturedly, they seem to respond to Sarah's points/comments as little nuggets of wisdom and insight; she's like the Momma Bear to these clowns. All of which makes it all the more hysterical when Sarah mines her latent snarkiness and quick-wittedness to golden effect, such as when she cried out "Nooooo! Jerry...!" reproachfully when El-Ryan used the Spirit Bear to attack the boat-handlers early on, or commented "Get it back to fighting weight" regarding Brian's assertion that, ahem, female unmentionables might require post-baby healing time, causing Brian to crack up. If this is an unabashed-sounding love letter, well, so be it. As it seems Sarah doesn't frequent the boards often, I'd appreciate it if one of the guys forwards the comments to her, and thanks, all of you, for the hysterical podcast. Hope the new rug rats (congrats to Sark/Blaine/Sarah?) don't interfere with gameplay too much. Regards, Jeff