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  1. Guys, guys... I'm here to beg you: Do NOT search Drop Dead Fred on deviant art... Just don't do it.
  2. ElieB

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Ummm the episode isn't available for me on iTunes OR GooglePlaymusic. What's up with dat? I needs my Jason. Edit: Seems to be back up. Crisis averted.
  3. ElieB

    Daylight (1996)

    I friggin love this movie.. no joke. It's the only disaster movie I know of where the disaster is caused by a bunch of grime punks. Also, It's like a movie on a plane or in a submarine, the underwater tunnel really raises the stakes.
  4. ElieB

    Trailer Talk

    Cam H...
  5. When you call out a really shitty movie on opening weekend and HDTGM decides to roast it by its dvd release: Hopefully this grows into a double feature with Lucy, right โ“‚โ“โ“งโ“˜โ“œโ“˜โ“›โ“˜โ“โ“โ“ž??
  6. ElieB

    Geostorm (2017)

    All I could think as I left the theatre was "I can't believe it's not Micheal Bay!" Actor playing the brother is utterly worthless and the brotherly dynamic had ZERO chemistry. I laughed when they actually used the word Geostorm and kept laughing harder and harder every time it was said as the movie went on. The science was exceptionally bad from start to finish. The scene in beijing or whatever with the ground erupting in fire springs to mind... Dude is racing again fiery fissures in the road down the fucking coast! So 10 feet away from this mile long magma eruption is what appears to be fairly deep water. On one side of this the absurdly linear, mile long magma eruption is perfectly fine, unaffected sea water. On the other side is and entire city of skyscrappers collapsing from the whatever-it-is..... kk
  7. Yo this movie is a PERFECT hdtgm flick. Everything is so over the top and artistically bankrupt. Had me gasping and cringing and laughing. Great dumb-speak like saying "brain work" for thinking and the like. Every ten minutes or so is like a totally different movie so it really keeps the surprises rolling. Including when you finally see Ironside as, appropriately enough, a giant claw-handed cyborg zombie monster lol. They're so fucking big! Borrows from all the big hitters like star wars, running man, mad max, shades of terrible italian spaghetti scifi... And Molly Ringwald. Peter Strauss is awful in the lead role but he's surrounded by so much crazyness that you kinda don't even notice him.
  8. ElieB

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    I was really turned off hearing what this week's movie was then I saw this So much to unpack in this screenshot. Wtf is happening. Listening tonight.
  9. Guys, pray for June...
  10. Besson has definitely earned a double bill. Don't know how hes escaped the HDTGM treatment altogether...
  11. It's Friday, there's a bunch of new movies out but I'm too tired from the work week to focus on anything good so my friend and I say luc besson space madness? Ok that should be entertainingly bad at least. and I fucking love scifi AND bad movies. My friend and I walked out, like, 15 to 20 minutes from the end of the movie. Cause we just couldn't take anymore. It's so disorienting, random, meaningless, disjointed, boring and cliched. Might have been racist too. Script is fucking brutal, there's no antagonist, you'll hate the protagonists, you'll never know where you are and why you're there, the soundtrack will put you too sleep, you'll be upset by a 10 min scene fetishizing some primitive pixie species of aliens. OMG by the time Rhianna shows up in a 5 min shape-shifting burlesque scene I was losing it. and then she actually stick around for a half hour delivering terrible lines?? Fuuuuuuuck this movie. My whole experience was a melange of boredom, disorientation and confusion. NOT a fun combination. It's maybe his worst film yet. No, definitely is... Don't actually want an episode about this but I would enjoy June trying to understand this piece of trash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPeqNTqZNN0
  12. ElieB

    Alien: Covenant (2017)

    If you want to know what bad is, watch Valerian and the city of a thousand bad ideas
  13. ElieB

    Trailer Talk

    Yeah, Ewen Bremmer. Obviously. I enjoyed it and love Gal Gadot (RIP Gisele) but if I had one comment it would be that Patty filmed one too many catwalk glamor shots. Like right before the 3 most epic moments, we get these 10 second shots of Gal doing this catwalk strut and model faces right at the camera with wind blowing back her hair in slow mo. Like these weird blue-steel faces totally out of context from the scene. Is that a double standard, I can't tell. I don't notice how much dude heroes do this but it was so blatantly un-badass. I much preferred her smiling and enjoying the fight in BvS when she got smacked down because it was contextual. Obviously that's bad comparison because this is just her origin story and she's not a full-fledged badass, but then go the other way with it. Show some fear or doubt on her face before heading into no-man's land instead of eye-fucking the camera.
  14. ElieB

    The Wraith (1986)

    I really hope I'm proven wrong and that this turns out to be a great episode. But holy fuck I hated this movie.