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    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    I love You're The Worst, particularly Gretchen and Lindsay. And Kether was great on Whooch last year. Kate Berlant is excellent too, glad she's on more often. Wondering how Bone Queef extends the character further than the "Bone as in ____" gag though... All in all I have a C+ level of anticipation for this episode
  2. Mark doesn't need to read anything to see why Brian Wilson and Al Jardine don't perform with the Beach Boys any longer. He just needs to see any picture of Mike Love - he'll immediately the true evil that lies behind his cold dead eyes and he'll understand
  3. Has it disappeared from anyone else's itunes podcast feed? It was there this morning, but now it's nowhere to be seen. Not available for downloading at all... Mysterious...
  4. IanHeydon

    Season 3: Game 1 - Pistol Shrimps 4/5/16

    The best podcast going
  5. Just when it couldn't get any weirder in comes Colleen's Reba Mcintyre! Amazing!
  6. IanHeydon

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    For the record, not a big fan of Cameron. She's fine. Not a C+, maybe a B-. Saw her on @midnight last week and she's not a top tier guest on that show, but is pretty good. That said, I do like her a lot on these Stealwater episodes and I do think she is good at the improv side, a lot better at going with it than some of the other non improv stand-up guests who don't know what to do when the characters come on. She seems supremely confident, and really throws herself into it, and is funny enough to make it work.
  7. IanHeydon

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    This makes is all worthwhile!
  8. IanHeydon

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    And the Calvins Twins!
  9. Bananas ep. Is that the longest run of flashbacks in one row?
  10. IanHeydon


    is the best thing I've read! I pray to every single baby jesus that BMG,L is top 5, just to see what essay he spews out next. It's made my Christmas!
  11. IanHeydon


    Do we thing Scotty and PFT will acknowledge Alexander Campbell when "BMG,L" gets it's Top 5 placing in the Best Ofs? Maybe that's his ruse all along?
  12. IanHeydon


    The comments on the poll page are pretty amazing. Not sure if he's on here, but one guy REEEEALLLLY hates Michael Ableson from the Be My Guest, Literally! episode. With unintentionally hilarious results https://polldaddy.com/poll/9199328/?view=results my top ten were: 1 338 โ€“ Be My Guest, Literally! 2 335 โ€“ The Wedding of Gilly and Garry 3 349 โ€“ The 6th Anniversary Show 4 351 โ€“CBB: The Movie 5 377 โ€“Good Night in the Morning 6 348 โ€“Is Yโ€™all My Daddy? 7 356 โ€“ Hey Nong Man 8 374 โ€“Tick Tock Clawk 9 375 โ€“ Womplerโ€™s REAL 17th B-Day Womptacular 10 329 โ€“ Too Much Tuna Tour
  13. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 261 โ€” Genesis Jones

    Ele seemed a bit nervous at the beginning, but she was really great after only a couple of minutes. Have her back soon!
  14. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 388 โ€” Breath Before Death

    Best charac of 2015? I can't decide between Corny Grampa and Willy Mapleton... (ok, really it's John Lennon, Ho-Ho, and The Timekeeper. Trabatha Tarteen woulda made the cut too, but Tom Green...)
  15. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 387 โ€” Most Multiple Personalities

    just got to the bit where they are talking about sexually transmitted diseases and interested to see how it pans out given John Grant's HIV status. If you've not heard his second album, Pale Green Ghosts, from a couple years back, give it a listen. It's pretty much perfect.
  16. I'm going to name my firstborn "Millionaire" an exceptional episode all round
  17. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 256 โ€” Knock Ups

    the balance needs tweaking to get more guest action without losing the Twooch fun, but it's still a great show.
  18. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 253.5 โ€” 10/09/15 TWO CHARTED 192

    I hope the New Charted is a bit like Never Not Funny, with the split between the Gang section and the Guest section. I also hope they are as long as NNF!
  19. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 377 โ€” Good Night In The Morning

    I love how Bellissima is almost as much of a money-grabber as Miss Divine Decadence herself. "How much money do you have? Sign these papers. That's as romantic as this is gonna get"
  20. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 371 โ€” You Got PreDICted!

    I really liked the ole switcheroo with guests this week. That could definitely happen more often. And please get Jemaine back again - his energy worked so well with the Wild Horses
  21. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 368 โ€” Ric Bic For President

  22. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 365 โ€” Bongo vs. Bongos

    Not only am I a fan from London, I also remember Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy* Don't underestimate your listeners Scottie! #shamenongyou *but only from 1980's repeats
  23. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 360 โ€” Snow Dome

    Wow. That was a battle. Two dud characters from one guy in one show. I can't believe I've come onto a thread slating Jimmy Pardo and saying Paul Brittain was great?! Did i hear a different show? It's a bad sign when Scott calls your character a boring waste of time on the show! But I thought the Explosione family was an complete failure too, so maybe I just don't get the guy. Jimmy and Scott did the best they could.
  24. IanHeydon

    EPISODE 359 โ€” TofuPeople

    I agree - it's not that kind of show
  25. The more I listen to Womp It Up -> the more I enjoy Listler's taste in music -> the more I want Forsythia to come back and co-host CBB