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  1. I got a kick out of the lead-in to this episode. I too basically learned that Hamilton got shot by "Awwm Buhhh" from that commercial (technically for milk, but peanut-butter figured heavily in the plot):
  2. I'm curious, there seems to be an extra person in the group photo (and I think you can see her in the corner of the first table photo as well). Whodat? Whoever it is, I like her pendant
  3. Okay, I know this is a big "Ummm, actually", so please forgive me if this seems pedantic but it's really bugging me. Mars One is not a NASA project. It's entirely funded and managed by private companies. So it's really taking me out of the premise. Okay, understandably needless rant over.
  4. When they were talking about Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, I thought at one point that David was about to mention a book I read years ago called "The Holmes-Dracula File", by Fred Saberhagen, in which Sherlock Holmes actually teams up with Dracula to solve a greater mystery threatening London. I remember it being a pretty good take on the vampire mythos, and a good book overall. I got excited thinking someone else remembered that book, but alas he was just talking about something with Jack the Ripper.
  5. Okay, am I the only one who thought, "Wait, is Marc Evan Jackson there?", every time Millionaire spoke?
  6. When Paul did the "JV initials" segue to his next improviser, I thought (not having looked at the guest list) that he was about to introduce Janet Varney (another frequent and very enjoyable recurring member). It was, of course, Jean Villepique (who is equally a delight), but now that made me long for a JV-Squared episode (which we have not had since episode 12)
  7. JonathanB.Reid

    EPISODE 108 β€” Con Air LIVE!

    They made a lot of references to the racist stereotypes in this movie. There's a Cracked.com video that actually provides some explanation for those portrayals. The short answer: Bruckheimer is a staunch conservative and Con Air was his right-wing manifesto on the dangers of immigrants, gays, and hippie-treehugging-peaceniks. That's the short answer, the actual video presents it a lot funnier. Enjoy:
  8. JonathanB.Reid

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Thank you very much for posting this. It's been an emotional ride, laughing, crying, and then laughing again, but overall I'm so appreciative of the chance to say a spiritual and emotional "Goodbye" to Harris. As one who can relate to some of Harris's struggles with addiction, it meant a lot to be able to hear this. I really appreciated Harris's latest appearance on Pete Holmes, and I related very deeply with a lot of what Harris expressed. I hoped so much that he would find his way out, and it was very painful to learn that the monster had gotten its last strike in. It would have been rough to have that as my final memory of him. So to hear him unvarnished, funny, quirky, downright weird, just being himself was so appreciated. The goofy e-mails, all of it was so human, so genuine, and I'm appreciative beyond measure that we were able to share it. Thank you again for posting this. I'm so glad you were able to do this while there was still a chance. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
  9. JonathanB.Reid

    Episode BO2014.1 β€” Best of 2014 Pt 1

    Unusual coincidence, listening to two podcasts in a row that reference the rare "chowse" pronunciation for "chaos". Soren on the Cracked podcast had a story about someone else pronouncing it that way.
  10. Hearing that "Living Language: Dothraki" commercial reminded me of this parody video by sketch group Nacho Punch: So I guess now it's a real thing. Who knew?
  11. JonathanB.Reid

    Episode 311 β€” Denny’s Boys

    I'm loathe to bring this up, because I do appreciate the value of sponsors in making this podcast available for free... But I've gotta say something about the new "preroll" ad attached to this episode. It replays every time I pause and unpause the podcast. I have no problem listening to a sponsor ad or a live read, but I listen to this podcast at work, and my listening is frequently interrupted, which means that every time I come back I have to hear the same recording again and again. That does not seem like an intended feature (and it's not making me love the brand either, which is counter-productive). Any way to fix it so that the ad plays once at the beginning, without the constant replays on unpause? *EDIT* On further investigation, it looks like this is a new feature of SoundCloud itself, so I'm guessing EarWolf has no control over it (it just coincidentally happened to be a sponsor that CBB also has). Hopefully SoundCloud will get some feedback and tweak it so that they don't alienate their listeners with oversaturation of the ads.
  12. I know you guys have to have sponsors (and we appreciate them for making the podcasts possible), and you have to do the reads in the scheduled slots, but it feels like somebody should have done a rearrange on this one. Somehow, going straight from a discussion about media-fed statistical misconceptions (including a reference to how seeing lottery winners on TV makes people ignore how unlikely it is to win the lottery) to a read for a sports gambling site (including references to past winners who turned small bets into huge winnings). Just saying the placement of that ad could have been a bit less dissonant... unless that's what you were going for.
  13. Anybody else recognize when Scott started singing the "Santa Barbara" bit from California, that he slipped into "Pictures of Matchstick Men"? I just found it amusing.
  14. JonathanB.Reid

    Episode 1505 - Kulap Vilaysack

    The show "Penn & Teller: Fool Us" is the show you guys were thinking of, where they have magicians perform a trick in front of them and they try to figure out how it's done. It was done in the UK, and the magicians who won (i.e. Penn & Teller couldn't figure out the trick) earned a ticket to come out to Las Vegas and perform as their opening act. It aired in 2011 and it looks like there was only one season, but it was really good.
  15. JonathanB.Reid

    Episode 46 β€” Disney Orphans

    On the subject of Disney surnames, that's a great observation about all of the different duck-related surnames they came up with for the characters in the duckverse in order for them not to be related. However, based on that logic, that means that Mickey and Minnie Mouse would be related, as well as Donald and Daisy Duck (Daffy Duck would be their disowned cousin whom nobody talks about). In both pairings, the two are apparently not married (so it's not shared name via marriage), and they are frequently depicted as dating. So, hmmm... Another connection to "Game of Thrones", I suppose.