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  1. Why did you two Hindenburg your skyrocketing careers by appearing on Haim Slides?
  2. DexterMeyers

    Episode 22 — Jon Gabrus, Our Close Friend

    Thanks for the pro version payout, I have not felt this rewarded since I mailed in my blu-Ray proof of purchase for the 'boy in striped pajamas' and got a limited edition Buchenwald snuggie in return. As the bemused striped boy says at the end of his adventure, Ciaoschwitz! Sean and Hayes!
  3. DexterMeyers

    Episode 21 — Nick Thune, Our Close Friend

    nick thine's cancers uprise was a knee slapper, but I think it was largely in poor taste and hope not to be surprised by this sort of filthy pro-Kiev protesting propoganda again. Leave the political punditry to buzzfeed and Donny deutsch the next time you feel the urge to throw Around Your unwelcome views on world affairs and regional uprisings you couldn't hope to understand. Also, Can you please do me a solid by running a segment where you step by step the best way to get hollywood to notice a well crafted craigslist profile? Thanks again, yours truly
  4. DexterMeyers

    Episode 20 — Dave Holmes, Our Close Friend

    You name drop circuit city but bypass that H.H. Gregg gold?; biggest missed opportunity since your Applebee's car side to go omission.