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  1. Is there any way to get this episode? The earwolf store link doesn't work any more.
  2. ratpack

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    LLCJ in this movie is legitimately hilarious. I say that as someone who watched it a dozen times when I was 11 and never since. Also Samuel L Jackson's death scene is one of the greatest moments in cinema history. Can't wait to rewatch this movie and have it all ruined for me by older eyes. It'll be just like when I saw Hollow Man again and realised how much it hates women.
  3. ratpack

    EPISODE 102 — Candy Crisis

    Can't wait to hear it, love seeing it's a longer one. The more the better! You guys are the funniest.
  4. ratpack

    EPISODE 101 — Modern World Throwback

    Jeez this might be the funniest episode ever. You're both amazing and so is Tavi.
  5. ratpack

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Hilarious from start to finish. The beginning and the end were wonderful, I'll revisit that outro many times. The whole thing was just a great way to remember Harris, from the TV pitch to foam corner, to just the studio pictures of him making everyone laugh. The last few days have hurt, this helped more than anything.
  6. That comparison to "a loved one doing something wrong" is pretty pathetic. Again these are free podcasts made by people who, surprise, MAKE MONEY DOING OTHER THINGS THAT ARE NOT THIS! Yet they choose to still give us free content daily, how lucky are we! To think that they could or should give anything CLOSE to a shit about whether you think this episode is funnier than the last, or that anyone other than your poor significant other who has no choice but to humour you when you spout off redundant opinions about things made by talented people, should even listen to what you have to say about episode 11 of WSGLL demonstrates to me a lack of self-awareness. When I love a show I try to let the creators know. When I don't love a show it's a nice healthy reminder that I'm not in some kind of Truman Show situation where the entire planet and population revolves around me and my sensibilities. My reaction to listening to something that isn't as good as I thought it would be, that was free and arrived on my phone like magic, that is made by creative people who by all means do not have to be doing this any more, is as follows: "Ok, time to get on with my day."
  7. Going out of your way to post unhelpful and harshly worded criticism about a free podcast, one that's produced by people who have given you hours upon hours of hilarious free comedy for a very long time, is behaviour not worth defending. It says more about the person writing it (entitled, self-absorbed) than it does about the show.
  8. ratpack

    Who do you Want to Host?

    Andy Daly! Eddie Pepitone! Jessica and\or Lennon! Paul Rust! Jamie Denbo! Jon Gabrus! LAUREN TALKING TO HERSELF IN A MIRROR!! sorry for shouting
  9. ratpack

    Episode 331 — Secret Superlatives

    2015 is the year of Wild Horses. The 4 of them should be cast as every character in the new Ghostbusters. Amy, Tina, Maya and Kristen can go fly a kite!
  10. I've listened to this episode like 4 times since it came out. Crazy funny.
  11. ratpack

    Episode 191 — Kyle and His Mother

    Kyle is amazing.
  12. Matt these 3 shows have been as funny as anything, And that Vancouver show was also great. Thanks for the hysterical and consistent free comedy. I would love to see you do this kind of show again as often as possible, it brought me a lot of joy. And the other guys in this show, 4 of whom were amazing for another 2 as well, they're better than everyone at this.
  13. ratpack

    Episode 94 — The Advice Episode!

    I can't believe how every minute of every episode is as funny as the last. Ridiculous.
  14. The two funniest people in the world for 80 minutes!
  15. This is now the episode to show people if you want them to get into this show. Wild Horses are the absolute funniest.
  16. This is like the first time I heard The Cure.
  17. That was the greatest moment in CBB history. Yeah, I said it.
  18. ratpack

    Episode 158 — Film Composing

    Super funny show, as always. Completely disagree with David about Punch Drunk Love though, such a beautiful and fitting score. Jon Brion is a genius.
  19. Mr Davey Whines, Is this where I'm supposed to ask questions for the guests? Thank you. (Please write down your answer and have Sean read it, I prefer his voice.)
  20. That Atlantis scene. Going down in history.