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  1. I'm sorry but the audience was wrong. Cowabunga is originally from Howdy Doody and wasco-opted by both TMNT and Bart Simpson.
  2. JeffSargeant

    Episode 90 — Sharknado 2: The Second One

    In trying to find photos of Kelly Ripa's ankle tattoo I also found that she had or is in the process of having it removed, which would explain why it looks like a bruise. You've been librarianed.
  3. I've watched and listened to every single movie and every single podcast, but only just now joined the forum. I didn't see another thread for Winter's Tale Corrections and Omissions, so here goes. I'm a librarian. So I was particularly bothered by the library scenes. The "librarian" at the Isaac Penn Institute says he has that information on micorfiche, but then they get into the back room they look at microfilm on a reel. Not the same thing. A librarian would not make such a grievous mistake. This film is an affront to my profession. And then of course microfilm does not work like an iPhoto slideshow, you don't just hit "next" it's actually really hard to look through and find things. Not to mention that those photos wouldn't even exist, would not be in order, and never would have been put on microfilm. Lazy filmmaking at its finest. Otherwise thanks for making me go pay $14 to see this at Arclight. There were 6 other people in my Wednesday night showing. I was regularly laughing out loud. It's laughably terrible. This film really could be the new The Room.