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  1. razlax479

    Episode 408 - Never Affect

    There is never enough Gemberling and never enough Atamanuik. More episodes with The Green Crew; or Pally, Gemberling, Ozeri, and Atamanuik are at the top of my wish list.
  2. razlax479

    Episode 400 - 400th Episode: The Cake

    "The Cake" Besser is brilliant. The callbacks, the story arc, the performances. 5 stars all around for everybody involved. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
  3. razlax479

    Episode 390 - Loving the Pope's Ring

    It is exciting to hear that you will be broadcasting those shows on NextVR. i4H is easily one of the most entertaining podcasts available. The current UCB content on PS4 NextVR is a bit anemic, and not nearly as great as I4H. I will watch any content Besser makes available on NextVR because it is going to be top quality laughs. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
  4. Another great live show. The all-star line-up is brilliant. They spin gold in a fluid, natural, and seemingly effortless manner.
  5. These live shows are great. Gemberling, Sanz, and Speiller are endlessly entertaining.
  6. razlax479

    Episode 580 - Legend of Mr. Met

    The basic idea of an individual disliking one specific part of something while enjoying other aspects of it is too intellectually complex of a concept for you to understand. Okay. Thanks for letting me know, I guess.
  7. razlax479

    Episode 580 - Legend of Mr. Met

    as soon as they start plugs i will stop listening from now on. it was funny when they honestly screwed up the first time; however purposefully doing it wrong years in a row and feigning it as accidental simply is not funny. it's annoying and disingenuous. it is way too slow of a burn to be funny for a regular listener, like myself. just use the closing up the plug bag theme remix with Marino and Wilson.
  8. Murder by Death are incredible. One of my favorite bands. So happy they are back on the show.
  9. I love the nonsensical and pompous nature of this podcast. It debuted in November of 2017, and ¾ of a year later it is already on its 3rd “season”. lol Everything about it is so ridiculous from conceit to execution, but I’m still not entirely sold. However, if they start labelling every new episode as a new “season” I will be all in for more content.
  10. "If I Had a Gun" by Michael Dean Damron. It's a great song that can be heard on the previous episode of I4H with MDD as the musical guest. I realize this is a forum for a comedy podcast, but I hope this message will eventually reach Mr. Damron. I could not find a more direct method. When he mentioned he was recently diagnosed with diabetes, my heart went out to him. I hope he takes good care of himself because he is an immensely talented, smart, and insightful individual who is not afraid to call things for what they are. I have been a type 1 insulin diabetic for more than 40 years. I have no retinopathy, no neuropathy, no kidney damage, and no amputations. In short, I am still in one piece and still quite active, healthy and productive. Don't get me wrong. It has not been easy. The most important thing is to put diabetes management before EVERYTHING else. Make sure blood sugar does not get too low or go too high for a sustained period of time. Never say, "screw it" I'll deal with it later. It is possible to keep mindful control of bloodsugar and still have a productive and fun life. When I was younger I used to drink and use other recreational substance, but I always kept in mind that i still needed to keep track of bloodsugar. It is far better to deal with it in the present so you can have a full and rewarding life. Mismanagement and negligence may be easier in the short run, but life expectancy will be far shorter and much less pleasant trying to find your way without your sight, kidneys, and feet. If he has any questions or concerns he is more than welcome to contact me.
  11. razlax479

    The Season 2 Teaser Episode

    Season 1 was great! Four long years of holding my breath for a second season has finally paid off!
  12. This latest musical episode made me think about a venture that should be undertaken, if it is not already underway. As Matt Besser mentioned on the episode, musical artists can have different arrangements of their songs depending on the venue and depending upon what is available at a performance. One thing a majority of the artists featured on I4h normally do not have at their disposal is the incredible talent of Brett Morris as their sound engineer. You guys should make something like Brett’s Mix available on itunes. It would include every song performance by every artist who has appeared on the show for a dollar a song. The majority of the proceeds would go to the musical artist, because it is their art people are buying. A few pennies or dimes should be allocated to Brett for his engineering and making available the isolated music tracks. These would be like the ultra rare B-sides for true fans of artists. I own all of Murder By Death’s albums, but I also enjoy their live studio performances on I4H and would be more than happy to happy a dollar a track for each song. The same goes for White Buffalo, The Family Crest, Radical Face and many others as well. This would work in favor of musicians who agreed, because their performance up to that point had been pro bono with the exception of the publicity the podcast provides. Fans of the show who might normally only buy a track or two would likely wish to buy the versions they heard on the show, and true fans on the musical artists would be excited to add an additional professionally mixed version of some of their favorite songs to their collections. Brett’s Mix available on iTunes. Think about it.
  13. This episode is great. Holland, Gabrus, and Spears are hilarious and delightful. The Family Crest are easily one of the best musical performances that have appeared on I4H. Their orchestrations are powerful, intricate, and original. Right after this post I am going to buy all of their music that I can find. Thank you, Matt Besser, for introducing me to White Buffalo, Murder By Death, Radical Face, and The Family Crest.
  14. am i the only one who giggled when the generic, synth drum track kicked off the first song? i really thought Horatio was going to count off and start playing the bazooki as they all sang his christmas song together. lol
  15. razlax479

    Episode 253 - Happy Rain

    Great show as always. The ironic liking part reminded me of this podcast explaining liking. I think of it all the time now when people like stuff "because it's stupid." Episode 6 Liking is Binary