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    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    I almost don't want to suggest this as possible answer to the water everywhere dooky situation....... broken colostomy bag on the driver. Maybe the most minor Hulk movement is upsetting the driver's extremely weakened digestion system and causing the crazy erratic driving? Also, the colostomy bag is possibly an even meaner Jock joke from writing team of Vince & Hulkster.
  2. RobertCraigAshby

    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    I couldn't bring myself to pay to see Winter's Tale it looked too shitty to spend money on........ so I have a belated error/omission from Glimmerman. I watched it because I hadn't seen it and it's one of my favorite HDTGM episodes. The Italian restaurant was a real restaurant in my opinion. However to keep the CIA head bad guy's meeting with the Senator top secret, I believe the CIA dude had his henchmen impersonate the door man, security, wait staff etc. The CIA dude had the regular door man, security, wait staff get the hell out before the senator showed ( I guy he was dirt on whoever owns the place). It's why the phone guy at the drop dropped the accent when talking with Seagal, I assume Seagal has history with the whole crew of the bad guys working for the main CIA guy. I believe this is why Segal was so quick to fight these guys, he knew they were all ex CIA assasins working with the ex CIA main badguy. The confusion about this is due to the stupid phone comment button they put on the end of the scene, which makes it sound like the impersonating henchman of the ex CIa guy really works at the restaurant. They should have used something like "I didn't become a spy for this shit..." and the phone henchman haning up while holding his bloody nose or something.