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  1. Here is my catchphrase It is also a haiku Refrigerator
  2. When going out to find yourself remember to bring a fresh pair of undies.
  3. Don't comment! Scott will mistribute the catchphrase to you!
  4. Please don't comment! If Scott picks this one he'll say you wrote it instead of me.
  5. When placing a rhino in a choke-hold, be sure to pivot your hips to the left for maximum orgasm.
  6. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. But the monument his subjects built ain't so great. I mean... they're blind for pete's sake.
  7. ...as I drain the last drop of bourbon and put out my last cigarette. Ever since I met that dame, I knew this day would come. Now it has... Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang.
  8. In the great history of time only pepper jack has pleased me.
  9. jaymanthegreat

    From zero to zed...

    ...we're zooming to zaptown! Other Z words!
  10. ...won't fix the whole left by your cat.
  11. jaymanthegreat

    Wetting your ear...

    ..with joke-soaked tongues.
  12. ...of Paul Giamatti's life.
  13. ...and call be a brisket!
  14. jaymanthegreat

    Love is in the air...

    ...filling my lungs with a pink confection poison, sending my into a state of diabetic shock.
  15. ...but I can't tell time. Time seems like a major douche.
  16. ..rejoice that the milk truly lived.
  17. ...but I lost the way of the sub long ago.
  18. ...One Life to Live Seasons 1 through 12 on DVD, but not Blu-ray.
  19. jaymanthegreat

    Molly Shannon is..

    ...a better superstar than Jesus ever was.