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  1. Bop it, pull it, eat it, squoosh it, stroke it, poke it, feel it, love it, by it a meal. In that order.
  2. The only thing I have in common with cats is that we both enjoy cleaning our buttholes in public.
  3. Softly she sighs by the bubbling stream, "I wonder what John Ratzenburger is up too."
  4. Going to hell for pulling a tooth? You've been dental-damned!
  5. Time is a flat circle, now available in Cool Ranch and Spicy Nacho flavors.
  6. I believe you can see the bunny, sir, but I am unwilling to accept it's named Harvey. That's a people name.
  7. The guy who invented the fleshlight has a real cumrags-to-riches story.
  8. I support climate change. The earth is just making the choice to be what it believes it was born to be.
  9. Oh, I thought it was the birds OR the bees! Thank you for clarifying, Principal Johnson.
  10. What is helter skelter anyway? And why do people keep singing about it?!
  11. The garden of Love is green without limit and... wait, is that a dog shit?
  12. My eyes are wide open, so stop throwing things at my mouth.
  13. Toilet paper works better than paper toilets.
  14. I only Bah black sheep and humbugs. I'm a traditionalist
  15. Time is flat. Space, you were a little sharp. Cmon guys, let's get this universe in harmony!
  16. jaymanthegreat

    She's so mean she sued me over sushi.

    She's so mean she sued me over sushi.
  17. She's so mean she sued me over sushi.
  18. Nurse, I don't feel so good. I think someone chopped my hands off.
  19. Rock, paper, scissors, add some glue and popsicle sticks and we've got a crafting to do.
  20. I swear I only read NatGeo for the articles.
  21. Time is a flat circle with cheese, pepperoni, and a sweet tomato basil sauce.
  22. The difference between you and me is that I'm saying this right now.
  23. Deep beneth the bowels of London lurks an unknown menace... His name is Phil and he's a hoot.
  24. In a battle of dinosaur robots vs alien pirates, we all win.
  25. I always remember, I never forget... My burrito will be revenged.