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    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Thanks for the epic journey, Sark! I'll miss not retching over my keyboard as you describe necromantic atrocities. on the up side, I can't wait for the pantheon of villains shamelessly modeled on dead comedians and 70's television characters.
  2. NerdDrone1138

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    Waiting for this episode was like waiting for Christmas! Thanks Sark, you got me exactly what I wanted!
  3. NerdDrone1138

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    not smug at all, Uncle D. love every second of this podcast. Sark is a great DM. maybe I'm mistaken about where he's going with this, but if not then he did plenty of foreshadowing(and more than enough misdirection). I have a notion that next episode Brian's deep sadness will be inverted to a wailing 5hourenergy fueled high. well played Mr Sark. well played.
  4. NerdDrone1138

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Sark-"It's a group of dwarves and a strange dwarf/wolf hybrid" Trondor-"we walled it off, because of an... infestation" Trondor-"strange, this city populated by ratmen wasnt here when we walled off this section of mine" Trondor-"strange, these tunnels werent here before. the ratmen must know how to make tunnels" Trondor-"More of an infection, or a disease than an infestation" Sark-"on the back of the tapestry a message is scrawled "dont get bitten"heeeehehehe" Sarah-"did any of us get bitten?" Sark-"heheheheheheheheh..." Ken-"well we were swimming in a swarm of rats" Sark-hehehehehehe... youre all scared. i love to make my friends scared" Sark-"there's a big explosion. heheh take tons of damage. heheheh" Jerry-"shitty DM" Sark-"there's a bigger explosion. heheh take tons of damage. heheheh. i love making my friends sad." Ken-"shitty DM" Sark-"there's another huge explosion. heheh take tons of damage. heheheh" Brian-"shitty DM" Sark-"there's explosion that's a thousand times bigger than the last one. heheh take tons of damage. heheheh... you're all dead! hehehe" Everyone -"shitty DM!" Brian- cries. sobbing, calls wife from car. Sark-"go home. don't throw away your character sheets!" See you next week listeners! Forum- "SHITTY DM" "SHITTY PLAYERS" "WE LOVE THIS PODCAST!"