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  1. D&D Music Factory

    Episode 113 — Biker Giants are Dicks

    WTF was that potion?!?
  2. D&D Music Factory

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, How do I get blood stains out of a clown suit? Thanks!
  3. D&D Music Factory

    Episode 81 — Through the Church

    That needs to be a t shirt.
  4. D&D Music Factory

    Episode 82 — Kotter Talk

    Holy crap! Please post the picture of the Welcome Back Kotter shirt with the pukka necklace.
  5. D&D Music Factory

    Episode 81 — Through the Church

    http://schneiltzle.tumblr.com/post/89994517740/dice-shaming Holy crap this is great! Sarah should really do something like this considering she botches quite frequently!
  6. D&D Music Factory

    Episode 81 — Through the Church

    They should be leveling up soon, right? After all, they have killed a lot of skeletons and cops. Great episode this week. Lots of action. Keep up the good work!
  7. D&D Music Factory

    Episode 77 — Into the Woods

    "Like a more delicate Sonny Bono." Goddammit, I love this show! Keep it up, and make sure to pick up a Get Well card for Dag.
  8. D&D Music Factory

    Shout out for Austin?

    Savannah, I was also at the Austin show and wrote my check to Nerd Poker instead of Earwolf. Should I just send another one made out to Earwolf? Brian made a point of saying that it might not be able to be cashed on the show. Thank you. Chris Zepeda
  9. D&D Music Factory

    Questions for Sark

    Sark, I was lucky to get tickets to see Brian in Austin a couple weeks ago and appreciate the donor shoutout. I didn't realize the check needed to be made payable to Earwolf rather than Nerd Poker. Let me know if you are unable to cash it and I will send another one out. Thanks! Chris Zepeda