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  1. Man, what are we doing with our lives! We should be living like our GDs!
  2. I don't have a photo of my GD (mom's D), but he fought Batista in the Cuban revolution. He knew Che and Fidel and fought with them, but then he pushed for democracy after the revolution and had to flee Cuba or they would have killed him. Unfortunately, he had to leave my mom and GM behind. So my GM lied to everyone saying that she cheated on my GD with Fidel and my mom was Fidel's illegitimate child so that no one would kill my mom. I shall make a telenovela of this some day.
  3. Wow! He sounds like an incredible person. Everyone seems to have incredible GDs. Tim, your GD played old timey baseball?! Mark looks exactly like his GD! So does AD. Dixon's GD was a cowboy! Very cool.
  4. Dixon, your GD had the coolest cobra statue I have ever seen in my life....and a nice Huey P. Newton chair.
  5. Whoa cool grandaddy, bear! Did you ever dive with him?
  6. Here are 10 things that I like about RanRan: 10. Her avatar is very pretty and mostly orangish, a color that I like a great deal. 9. She makes music that is very pleasing to my ears. 8. She first posted during the dark week....which we shall never speak of again....and brightened the week with her pleasantness. 7. She is very tall and can probably reach the highest shelves in any kitchen. 6. She lives in Texas. 5. She can riff with the best of them. 4. She is willing to share things about herself. 3. She is supportive and encouraging of others. 2. She is so witty and funny that she often makes me laugh aloud in public. 1. She is nice and doesn't try to be anybody but herself.
  7. These photos are the answer to your question.
  8. Hayes is currently writing for the new Jody Hill/Danny McBridge show for HBO, Vice Principals. It's scheduled to premiere next year.
  9. I've seen them before and had the same comment for them. They are good, but I can't handle that name.
  10. I am going to take a minute to talk about how great Sean is. First of all, he was born in 1981 (I believe) which is really the best year to be born. Second, his recent interview on Box Angeles was the easy bake oven to my heart. He really makes me want to try harder and be a more driven person.
  11. Stories are always welcome. I would now like to hear a short two or three paragraph story containing a fork, three fingers and a television. Also your main character's name is Cardamom.
  12. Sorry to hear about George's UTI, AD. I've had a few cats that have had this problem. It's rough and very painful. Poor lil kitty. Is he on special food for life now?
  13. You seem like a very sweet sensitive person.
  14. I normally provide notes for each episode but I've decided to discontinue this practice. I apologize to the fans.
  15. Casaba

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    I agree with Mr. Hog. We were all new at one time or another. Once I worked up the courage to post, I was accepted very quickly and everyone was very funny and supportive of any creative endeavor I shared. You could also just post once saying good ep and everyone will most likely agree with you because we love the show.
  16. Hayes: "Hey Anastahzia, it's Hayes." Anastasia: "Oh hey Hayes. How's it going?" Hayes: "Good. I hope you don't mind that I got your phone number from Andy." Anastasia: "Oh no. I don't mind at all. What's up?" Hayes: "Well, we're about to record a show with Canadian comedy legend Dave Foley in about 2 minutes. You always ask such great and funny and cool popcorn gallery questions and I know you are a huge fan of Kids In The Hall, so I thought you might want to ask him some questions. We're just in a bind here. We're so busy that we forgot to ask for questions on the forum." Anastasia: "Oh yeah, I would love to help you guys out...as long as it's nothing like the last time I bailed you guys out of a bind! Ha!" Hayes; "Haha! Yeah, thanks again for breaking us out of that Mexican prison and then smuggling us back across the border because we had lost our passports and shoes." Anastasia: "Ha! Wild times! But you know I'd do anything for you knuckleheads!" Sean [in the background]: "Thanks, Staz! You're the best!" Anastasia: "Aw, little Sean....voice of an angel. So anyway, when would you call me on the show?" Hayes: "In about 45 minutes." Anastasia: "Ok. I've already got some questions on the tip of my tongue. But now you're really gonna owe me, Hayes!" Hayes: "Ah Dios Mio!" [everyone laughs] [end scene]
  17. Casaba

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    Oh good! I love a Colin show. (Old Scott joke)
  18. Dave (right?), I wish you a very merry birthday.
  19. Gabe is incredible! And yes he IS an engineer type because the engineers are great and funny and smart.
  20. Wow! So many birthdays in Morch. Happy Birthday, Zsinjeh!
  21. That's rad that you've heard of them. You can still download or stream if you wish: http://primitivehearts.bandcamp.com
  22. Oh shit! I forgot about Um, actually, that's gross. We can have more than one catchphrase right?
  23. If China gets another haircut, good! should be our collective catchphrase from now on.