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  1. Casaba

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    As much as I've tried to stop loving the boys, I can't. I wish I had known about this show. I would have called in. It was very funny and I love hearing Hayes say Anastahzia. I also love hearing Sean tear into a caller who tries to do a bad bit. <3
  2. Casaba


    Hi Sean, Happy Birthday! Throughout the day today the gang will be posting some well wishes and fun stuff for you here. I drew a picture of your dog wishing you a happy birthday. I hope you have a nice day. Keep it chill. I'll catch ya later, brah....
  3. Casaba


    Hi Hayes, Throughout this very special day, the crew will be posting in this thread some birthday videos, poems, artwork, wishes, dreams, etc. for you. Have a wonderful birthday and we'll see you next year. Well some of us post more than that...but I don't, so I'll see you next year. Or whenever. See ya when I see ya, I guess. Ok. Well, here's my thing I made for you: https://youtu.be/YVPIJCErQ18
  4. ©Andy Warhol looks a scream, hang him on the wall
  5. Also, The ©Andy Griffith Show - The Andy Griffith Show And ©Andy lives in a pit - Parks and Recreation as well as ©Andy Samberg - The Lonely Island Right Spunky.....right?...Spunky?...Isn't this right?
  6. What about "©Aaaaaaaandy!" - Pee Wee Herman in Pee Wee's Big Adventure ?
  7. Thanks, Dix! I love you more and more everyday. The real heroes of this episode were hot, muggy New York City--really a main character in this episode--and the lack of a/c in the studio.
  8. Great episode. I love Chris trying to make Sean connect emotionally and Sean resisting. Sean is the champion, fighting off the charms of such an emotional master.
  9. Casaba

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Aw, thanks greggy! You're the best! I may be a hitler clone, but I'm still a person! And I'm very different from him. I've never wanted to be a painter.
  10. Casaba

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Dang real missed opportunity there. I am in fact hitler reincarnated....well cloned. Boy from Brazil situation. You should always go with your gut.
  11. Casaba

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Are you saying I'm mean?
  12. Casaba

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Hi Norm. What turned you mean? Did someone kill your dad or torture you or are your bones very breakable like glass?
  13. Casaba

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    I can't wait to get to 80085 posts. I'll retire after that.
  14. Casaba

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Congrats on your 421st post! This symbolizes growth and there's a lot of responsibility that comes with that.