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  1. Yes. Thank you everyone for your hard work! You put in the effort and that's all I ask for. When you work hard, you can accomplish anything! I'm so proud of you all!
  2. Hey man, you gotta devote your every waking moment to this forum, the hangouts, our gchats, and facebook chats, and AIM chats, our in-person meet ups, the mindmelds, our group emails, the carrier pigeon program, and text messages, or you are going to miss out on some info, dude!
  3. Haha! That might be a weird conversation. Also, I haven't talked to them for about a year, so who knows if they remember me. They used to play with my husband Paul's band Primitive Hearts a bunch. But Primitive Hearts broke up and Cool Ghouls got more popular, so we don't see them much any more.
  4. In San Antonio? Fun! They are a very sweet group of guys. Also, you should come to the Burger Boogaloo in Oakland in July. It's right next to my house and I will be there and we can hang. Plus lots of great bands to see this year. It's nuts!
  5. Have you heard Cool Ghouls? They are a San Francisco band with some similar sensibilities. I think you'd like them. http://coolghouls420.bandcamp.com/
  6. I like it. I shall buy it. You are tall and talented. You will go far in this world!
  7. Dixon, Ben looks like an amazing dog. Did he often wear cute little hats? But something else concerns me in this photo: were you raised by a race of particle people?
  8. Yes, MM! This is what I like to see!
  9. Let his memory live on in another post. Photos? Stories?
  10. God dammit greggy! This could have been two posts! But I do appreciate you sharing. I guess I am like a child. I live in a two bedroom apartment with three adults and a 9 month old. We share one bathroom, and all it has is a combo. Someday when I make it big I too shall live a life of luxury with a stand alone shower!
  11. By the way, I love in TWB when Hayes scoffed at the idea that he would have a shower/tub combo like some kind of commoner! Does he really think that only cheap motels have shower/tub combos? I've never had anything but shower/tub combos in my life. But I guess I am a poor street urchin who's just trying to make her way in this power-crazy money-driven world... Quick, Sondheim, start writing this musical! Shower/Tub Combo!
  12. Ok, gang. We need to hit 300 by tonight, so let me see those gifs, let me see those pretzels, let me see some random numbers that coordinate to the post number which you are posting... What are you thinking right now? What's your dad like? What's your dog like? What's your dad's dog like? What color socks are you wearing? What's your grandmother like? What's your beard like? We can do this, people! If you think something is too unimportant to post, well you're wrong! Post it!
  13. Bruce is actually quite an attractive man who would even look good in a v-neck if he were to wear one. EDIT: I'm not saying that Bruce has ever worn a v-neck. I'm just saying that if he were to choose to wear one, he could pull it off.
  14. I just relistened to this episode. It's hilarious!
  15. Do you have this memorized? How did you pull this out so quickly?
  16. Tim had a late night last night entertaining the Zurich people at a Brazilian steakhouse.
  17. I recognize these moves. Weren't you on an And1 video? What was your street ball name?
  18. I don't know how tall Freja is, but you may be our winner.
  19. That is very tall, and I congratulate you on your height, but Joe still is the #1 tall boy. He's 6'6" I believe. We discovered last night that he is similar to Michael Jordan in many ways.
  20. Definitely Joe. #1 handsome and #1 tall. This guy is taller than a door!!
  21. I was just joking, but now I am curious about what private stuff is going on between you two! greggy, I thought you were supermarried!
  22. Y'all missed an excellent hangout last night. Joe gave us a tour of his liquor store and greggy shared behind the scenes info about his TWB call. Mean Detective did a 5 minute bit about his mom on the phone. We got up-close and personal with Bruce's boots and Chanson's hands. And now I know how tall everyone is. It was a titillating thrill ride of friendship.
  23. Here ya go, MKoB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZguxDlA-oNM
  24. Inside joke: I woke up this morning with this in my head: